Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gift Idea for Him: Soft Shaving Cloth Set from Fairface Washcloths™

softest wet shaving cloths for men great father's day gift idea Men are the hardest to buy for, in my opinion. Women are much easier. We like pretty things and pretty things are easy to find.

But men? How many tools, pairs of socks or ties can you give a man?

This year, cater to his softer side, with a set of Men's Soft Shaving Cloths from Fairface Washcloths™ - for a soothing and gentle shaving experience.

Does the man in your life dread shaving because it's irritating to his face? Fairface Washcloths™ are more than just the softest washcloths for sensitive skin, they are also the perfect set of shaving cloths for men.

With the new Men's Shaving Cloth Set from Fairface Washcloths™ with 1 Original Fairface Washcloth™ and 1 Delicate Fairface Washcloth™, he can use 1 for wet shave prep (shaving cream application & hot towel steam) and the other for a gentle, soothing finish.

Fairface Washcloths™ are:
  • Made with a premium 100% soft cotton flannel and absorbent terrycloth
  • Available in Original (soft cotton flannel front and absorbent terrycloth back)
  • and Delicate (soft double-sided flannel)
  • Packaged in convenient sets of 2
  • Size XL 9"x9" for optimal coverage
  • Non irritating for sensitive faces

A review from one of our happy Fairface Washcloths™ shavers:

"As a man that wet shaves daily, I have always been in search of the perfect face towel. I have finally found it! Shannon Sorensen has developed a perfect towel to add to your shaving, The Fairface Washcloth. It preformed very nice in the pre shave beard preparation. The excellence showed up after the final cut. The softness of the towel was a major comfort to my face. Wet shaving is a wonderful experience & this towel is the embellishment of wet shaving! I’m very grateful for Shannon’s work and plan to add at least a dozen to my collection. It would be great to see her towels in the top men’s shaving stores! Those guys are missing out!!"
Best Father's Day Gift Softest Shaving cloths for wet shaving men

Give your man a little pampering this year. 

Fairface Washcloths™ Men's Shaving Cloth Set
the softest facecloths for sensitive skin 

 He'll be glad you did.

Fairface WashclothsFairface Washcloths™ are an exclusive product from Shannon Sorensen Designs

TO PURCHASE: visit our etsy shop location: Fairface Washcloths

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Sale Promo Code!

Your promo code is here! 
Shop Shannon Sorensen Designs' Black Friday Sale, 
11/29/13 from 12am - 11:59pm 
and save 25% on everything you buy! 

Use Code: BLACK34 at check-out 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Soothe your sensitive skin with Fairface Washcloths™

Fairface Washcloths I have truly been amazed at the outpouring of positive feedback I have received from the many happy customers who have found soothing relief from using Fairface Washcloths™ for their sensitive skin. When I first created them a few years ago, I never imagined how many people I could help!

Sensitive skin comes in all ages, shapes and sizes. Some have reached out to me during chemotherapy treatments looking for a soothing cloth to calm tender skin; some have come searching for a soothing facecloth that won't hurt or irritate their sensitive faces when washing, others have come searching for relief from unstable skin due to health problems, sensitive skin conditions such as Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema, and Acne, and changing skin due to pregnancy, aging, shaving, and more.

It is my mission to help everyone with sensitive skin find soothing, gentle relief with Fairface Washcloths™, the softest, most gentle way to care for sensitive skin.

Please help me spread the word!

Like Fairface Washcloths™ on Facebook

Fairface Washcloths™ ~ the softest washcloths for sensitive skin, made specifically for those with Rosacea, Ezcema, Dermatitis, Acne, and all other sensitive skin conditions.
Fairface Washcloths

PLUS, by liking Fairface Washcloths™ on Facebook, you will be eligible for promotions, product announcements and tips for helping to keep sensitive skin healthy and glowing!

Thank you for your support and helping many more with sensitive skin find soothing relief!

xo Shannon

Fairface Washcloths are available:
Fairface Washcloths Shop  
FairfaceWashcloths Blog

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Friday Sale Preview!

Black Friday Sale Etsy Shop Pillows and Nursery Decor
{Black Friday Sale Preview: © ShannonSorensen}

I'm excited to be offering 25% off everything in my etsy shop: Shannon Sorensen Designs on Black Friday, 11/29/13, from midnight until the 11:59pm.

Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or here on my blog, for the discount code. Simply use the promo code during check-out and receive 25% off everything!

 photo shop-etsy-sale-black-friday_zps2fcb3d71.jpg
{Black Friday Sale: © ShannonSorensen}

PLUS! New items that will be released, 
just in time for the sale!

 Think holiday gift giving, think pampering yourself (!), think upcoming baby showers and birthdays... something for everyone.

Sales don't come around very often, so take advantage of savings while you can!

***Remember to check back Thanksgiving Day for the promo code, (after you've taken your last bite of turkey and pumpkin pie, of course!).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stop your ruler from slipping while cutting fabric: Great Sewing Tip!

how to stop your acrylic ruler from sliding when cutting fabric
{Cutting fabric straight© ShannonSorensen}
I can't be the only one this happens to: Trying to cut fabric using an acrylic ruler, while carefully spider walking my fingers across the ruler to keep it straight, while cutting with my rotary cutter in the other hand...only to have the acrylic ruler slowly begin to slide out of place so the edge is anything but straight. Aaaaakkk!

How do I cut a straight fabric edge?
How do I keep the ruler from slipping 
while cutting fabric?

 Stop an acrylic ruler from sliding while cutting fabric

...and it all begins with a shower tool. 

By attaching a Bathroom Grip Bar (shower handle) with detachable suction cups, to your acrylic ruler, it evenly distributes the weight across the ruler and holds it in place. It's like you have two hands down on the ruler and a 3rd to cut. Go team! I wish I'd found this a long time ago. It's like magic.

how to cut fabric straight without ruler slipping
{Stop your acrylic ruler from slipping while cutting fabric © ShannonSorensen}
how to cut fabric straight without ruler slipping
{Perfect straight edge for cutting fabric: acrylic ruler + shower handle © ShannonSorensen}

Here's a short video demo showing just how effective this new fabric cutting tool can be.
No more slipping = straight edges! Hooray! And it only cost me about $5.00 with a coupon at Harbor Freight. Even better!
Happy cutting 

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Men's Shirt to Women's Cardigan Refashion

As promised, I jumped on my next refashion project shortly after my successful sweater to cardigan refashion. My sister-in-law said this men's-shirt-to-women's-cardigan refashion, had Anthroplogie appeal...very nice compliment indeed!

refashion men's shirt to women's cardigan
{Refashion: men's shirt to women's cardigan © ShannonSorensen}

When my husband came home and saw my newly refashioned cardigan, he jokingly asked if he needed to lock up his clothes when he left the house, for fear they'd end up women's clothing by the time he came back. I laughed, but secretly my mind started scanning his side of the closet to see if there was anything with potential.

Turn a Men's Shirt into a Women's Cardigan
(husbands beware)

  • Lay out your shirt.
  • Fold shirt in half to find the center.
  • Mark the center with a washable pen.
  • Cut up the center line of your shirt.
  • Unpick any necessary seams.
  • Remove any unwanted tags.

turn a mans shirt to womens cardigan refashion
{Refashion tutorial: shirt to cardigan © ShannonSorensen}

  • Decide on coordinating binding. I cut up a soft xl clearance men's gray turtle neck.
  • Measure how long your binding needs to be.
  • Cut two strips for each side of your cardigan opening. Mine were 2" wide.
  • Trim off any excess or unwanted fabric from the cardigan before you add your binding.
  • Lay the binding right sides together, edge to edge and pin.
  • Using a ball point needle, pressure (1) and slightly wider stitch for stretchy jersey, stitch binding to cardigan. 

DIY sewing project shirt to cardigan
{DIY cardigan from a man's shirt © ShannonSorensen}

  • Your binding should now be sewn to your cardigan.
  • Roll it over to the inside opening of the cardigan, measuring evenly. Mine was rolled over 1".
  • Pin into place. *For the top and bottom edges, see the pictures in the next segment.
  • Check front to make sure the binding looks even.

shirt to cardigan refashion how to add binding
{Add binding to create your cardigan: shirt refashion © ShannonSorensen}

  • *To finish binding at the bottom and top, fold under the stitched edge so it's lined up.
  • Next fold the excess binding up over the edge of the cardigan.
  • Now roll the whole binding over and pin.
  • Again, check that binding is even.
  • Stitch on the front side of the binding, avoiding pins, as close to the inner edge as possible. Your stitches will catch the binding inside and secure it.

alter a shirt to a cardigan tutorial
{Refashioned shirt to cardigan: adding binding © ShannonSorensen}

  • To add faux pockets, cut a strips of coordinating bias tape. I wanted to use more of the gray jersey, but it ended up too bulky.
  • Put the cardigan on and determine where you want your pockets, then pin the bias strips evenly on either side of the cardigan, folding under the raw edges on either side. 
  • Stitch as close the the side and bottom edges as you can, leaving the top open.
  • Add lace embellishment if you choose.

how to add / sew faux pockets to a top or cardigan
{How to add faux pockets to a cardigan: refashion © ShannonSorensen}

  • After finishing this much of the cardigan, the front dark gray binding by itself, still felt a little too masculine, so I added a strip of lace to either side of the cardigan opening.
  • To give the back a little detail, I cut a 2" wide strip of the dark grey jersey, folded it over and sewed it closed. After turning it right side out, I pinned the piece down to the middle lower back and embellished it with matching lace.
  • To finish the sleeves, I cut off the binding and simply folded the edges under and sewed.

add lace and hem sleeves to a cardigan refashion

And voila! One man's shirt is another women's treasure.
From shirt to cardigan just like that.

before and after refashioned shirt to cardigan
{Men's Shirt to Women's Cardigan: before & after © ShannonSorensen}

I love the details, especially the back. It gives it just that little something.
turn a shirt into a cardigan tutorial

Not sure what's next on the horizon, but with my to-be-refashioned-pile a mile high, I'm sure there will be something! :)

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