Sunday, November 29, 2015

Perfect gift for him - son, husband, dad, brother and more!

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Ink blot T-shirts are trending again and make the perfect gift for the men in your life! If you're looking for a holiday gift for him (husband, boyfriend, son, or father...) I've got a great one for you!

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Trust me, no one will have a t-shirt just like yours (they're made as originals, one-by-one) and you'll get the award for the most clever gift!

These ink blot t-shirts are even more loved by those who can appreciate them. They make the perfect gift for a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, social worker, college professor, high school teacher, or doctor.

Last Christmas we were told by our customers how fun it was for them to watch the recipients open their t-shirts and have everyone sharing what they saw in the ink blot. Wouldn't Freud by proud? Ha!

We only have few left in the shop, so hop on over to our Etsy Shop and take a look! Remember, the Cyber Monday Deal only lasts through Monday night at 11:59pm!

Happy Holidays! xo

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Free Skin care face cloths Giveaway! From Fairface Washcloths!

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Don't miss out on this awesome skin care giveaway now through December 12th, 2015!


I'm hosting a rare giveaway for my skin care washcloth line Fairface Washcloths™.

Win a free Fairface Washcloths Bundle of 4, including 4 of our luxury cloths!

Our luxury skin care face cloths (and washcloths) Bundle of 4 includes:
2 Fairface Originals: Super soft flannel front and absorbent terry cloth back for that extra scrub when needed.
2 Fairface Delicates: Super soft flannel front and back for the ultimate in softness for sensitive skin 
All of our washcloths and face cloths are made with 100% cotton imported fabrics, in a lovely little suburb of Seattle, WA, USA.

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Pair Fairface Washcloths with your favorite cleanser and wash and reuse over and over again. Much friendlier to the environment. There's nothing to throw away.

Although made super soft for those with sensitive skin, they are a luxury face cloth loved by many with all skin types!

You don't pay shipping. You don't pay anything. I'm feeling festive and want to give a gift to some nice, deserving person! They make a great gift for the upcoming holidays too! Good luck and Happy Holidays! xo

>>>This giveaway is closed<<<

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Go to to learn more about our luxury skin care cloths!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


(even sale items!)

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Decorating with Thrifted Furniture

decorating with thrifted furniture and diy on a budget
It's been a while! I feel like I've finally gotten off the crazy train to nowhere, having moved into a new house right after Thanksgiving and hitting Christmas and New Years head-on, while tripping over boxes, and never knowing where anything was, or where all our crap stuff was going to go!

Anywho, with the start of this new year and new home, my inner DIYer has kicked into overdrive. How will we decorate? How can we turn one thing into another so we don't have to buy a new one? How can we make it unique? How can we Pinterest the crap out of this place?! Ha!


Here is a front room sitting area before-after. This spot has changed the most since we've moved in, well, because we keep changing it!

It's an odd space because the front door opens right to it - a long rectangular entry way / front room / dining room. We're trying to figure out how to divide the space, while keeping it functional, comfortable and inviting. We love the final version and didn't have to spend much to do it.

decorating, thrifted furniture, diy decorating, decorating on a budget

Decorating with Thrift Store and Craigs List Finds

One of my favorite parts about decorating with thrifted furniture, is getting to go to all the thrift shops and perusing Craigs list til you find just the right thing.

I can't lie though, there have been several heart-pounding moments when someone else picked up what I wanted and I thought I was going to have a nervous break-down. Luckily, my powers of mental persuasion worked and I pounced once they put it down (on the item, not the person). Either way, I'm not proud.

Front Room Details:

Let me start out by telling you that not everything is thrifted. I try to find as many thrifted items as I can, but once in a while I splurge on a few great new items to tie it all together.

Another great tip when decorating on a budget, is to remember that you can essentially go thrift shopping in your own house! Hunt through boxes of things you've packed away, and take things from one room and put them in another! Budget Brilliance!
decorating with thrift store furniture, diy decorating

Bookshelf - pre-built into the wall. Filled with new and thrifted items.

Beach Scenes Picture - Ikea (purchased several years ago)

Sunburst Mirror - I made it a couple years ago

Soft Seagreen Throw - Home Goods (bought last year for our apartment front room makeover)

Faux fur Rug - New this year at Marshalls

Camel colored Couch - Craigs list (are you sitting down?) $25.00 - like new. Best post-holiday deal of my life!

White metal side table - Ikea (purchased years ago)

Solid wood lamp base - garage sale a few years ago

White textured lamp shade - thrifted recently

DIY Thrifted Coffee Table 

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THRIFTY DECORATING TRICKS WAS THE DIY COFFEE TABLE made with a base from a thrifted wooden stool and the glass top from an Ikea table we already had. Unique and lovely.
diy coffee table unique ideas, different coffee table base ideas

budget decorating diy coffee table ideas, unique coffee table

unique diy coffee table use unique base and top

Round Glass Coffee Table - Base: an wooden stool purchased at a thrift shop / glass top from Ikea (purchased many years ago)

Round Woven Basket - Marshalls (purchased a few years ago)

Ceramic Elephant - thrifted (just got it and LOVE IT!)

Colored rocks - gift

Wooden woven Pineapple - Marshalls (bought several years ago)

Bubble glass Candle holder - estate sale (found a few years ago)

That's all for now! Feels good to finally get our home put together. I'll share more as we go along! xo

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