Saturday, January 8, 2011

Basic fleece camera case and/or case liner

Sorry for the lack of posts. This past week has felt like an eternity. Has it for anyone else?? In my "off sewing hours" I work for an after-school program. It was a hard week back for the kids and honestly, for the staff. Vacations are wonderful but sometimes the reality re-entry is a little bumpier than expected.

Anywho, as I get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share a quick project with you. Got some extra fleece on hand? I love little projects that use up spare fabric. And yes, it's the same fleece I used to make my little pink fleece hat. Hey, sometimes you use whatever you have on hand, right??

A few weeks ago, as we were packing up to visit family for the holidays, I realized I didn't have a small case to keep my camera in.

My requirements were to be soft, thick enough to give cushion, and have a very basic design.

I'm sure there are camera case patterns out there, but I decided to wing it for a custom fit.

I laid out my camera on a piece of fleece and fit the fabric around the camera and strap.

Tucked it in all cozy
and cut off the excess fabric
I decided to cut a flap for the closure, so the piece ended up looking like this

I folded over the fleece, pinned the raw edges together and sewed a straight stitch all the way down the open side and bottom (leaving the flap open).

This is what it looked like after sewing it together, and turning it right side out. Looks cute enough to be a barbie sleeping bag.

For an easy velcro closure, I cut and secured two pieces of velcro with pins and sewed.

And here's the finished case, with my camera tucked securely inside.

Like I said, it's very, very basic and probably more like a liner than a case (since fleece can get wet). But it worked perfectly for me. With my camera in this protective case, I tucked it safely in my purse for easy access to some fabulous holiday picture taking!


  1. I like the case--no extra material to take up room in my purse! Thanks for showing me how to do it.

  2. Very cute! This is what I need for my point-and-shoot for sure. I just made a makeup bag that was similarly easy the other day... need to post that one soon!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm on my dining room reveal! You made me smile!! :D


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