Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Newsie - newspaper. reader. reporter. news enthusiast pillow

This Newsie pillow case was so much fun to make! I wanted something unique and eye-catching and love how it turned out.

I made the 12" x16" pillow case out of soft, white jersey knit with an existing newsprint design. I'm sure there's a way to make your own newsprint design...I might have to try that at some point.
That blush color was too good to pass up, so I accentuated it with a touch of femininity and texture.

and I couldn't leave the back out, so I brought around a little design from the front.

A perfectly fun little pillow design for an avid newspaper reader, writer, reporter or news enthusiast. As for me? Although I do watch the news and read a newspaper now and again, I happen to just like the way it looks. And isn't that what design is all about? Maybe I should ask Nate Berkus.

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  1. how do you come up with all these new designs? my brain hurts after 1 idea. hahaha this is fab


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