Monday, May 16, 2011

Take a walk with me and my walking foot

I've been known to whip out a straight stitch in record time, but there are times when walking is much better than running (for me, especially if you're talking about exercise ha!).

I discovered this handy little walking foot a few months ago, after I had made these cute cotton/terrycloth placemats for our round table.

I used this cute damask cotton pattern on top and chocolate terrycloth on the back. I love the combination. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why I was getting warping around the edges.

So I did some research on "puckering fabric" and found some feedback on quilting seems that when sewing certain layered fabrics, materials can shift and cause puckering...who knew (you probably already did) it was suggested to use a walking foot.

A walking foot has its own feed dogs (I love that word. Feed dogs. Makes me want to sing Who Let the Dogs Out.) that move the top layer of fabric, while the machine's feed dogs move the bottom layer. Pretty snazzy!

It's now my go-to sewing foot for my soft flannel and terrycloth washcloths as well as my baby bibs and burp cloth sets.

It really helps to keep the fabric from shifting and warping.

Pinning helps a lot too when sewing shifty layers of fabric together, as well as ironing everything before hand.

I've got to give one more shout out to my walking foot and those extra set of feed dogs!
Who Let the Dog's Out?!

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  1. Hey shan--is there any dogs? Hahaha I will forever love that. I wish I knew more about diff foot options for my machine... I'll need to pick your Brain the next time we're together


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