Monday, August 1, 2011

On the shelf

We survived the week watching my sisters 4 boys while she was out of town - whew! (we actually had a lot of fun) and are back to our old routine. I went out to check on my consignment items and had a few new things to add to my shelves.

It's cherry season here in the Pacific Northwest, so what better time than now, to add some colorfully sweet cherry bibs and burp cloth sets?

I decided on adding bright green ribbon for an extra pop of color and style

I couldn't decide whether I liked the bow in the middle or to the side, so I made them both

I also added what I call my Pale Pink French Ruffled Apron to the rack. I love the feminine, dainty details.

The consignment season lasts through the end of October, so at the end of the month I'll need to refocus from summer to fall and make a few changes in my inventory.

Can you believe it's already August 1st? I tell you, when I flipped my calendar and saw that school starts this month, it made my stomach flip too. Back to my school jobs in a few short weeks. Yikes! I have to block it out. Summer has just begun here in Seattle! For now, I'll enjoy it while I can!

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  1. Shannon, that apron would make a lovely dress. Like you said -- feminine and dainty.

  2. Love that pretty! Thanks for sharing @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

  3. Lovely! Stop by Hannah Handmade and check out the 12 awesome prizes some great etsy vendors are giving away! This includes two bunches of feather extensions and a free wedding hair accessory! New follower too :)


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