Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer Skirts

Maybe it's the out-of-the-ordinary-sunshine we had in Seattle for a few hours Monday morning that's messing with my head, but I'm ready to bypass spring and jump straight to summer!

In my mind I jump ahead to warmth-filled-bare-foot-days sipping lemonade, listening to the spray of sprinklers and childrens' carefree giggles, while the sun's rays tickle my toes. Ah, summertime.

I discovered last summer that I LOVE to wear breezy skirts. Paired with a plain or decorative tee, they are both casual and dressy enough at the same time, and oh so comfy. Slip on a pair of cute sandals and you're good to go.

Here are a couple of last summer's favorites (soon to be this summer's too).

Black peasant-style skirt and decorative tee
( I didn't sew these)

Peasant-type cotton skirt with shirred waist. SO comfy!
(Didn't sew these either)
And sorry for the goofy photo with the reflector showing in the background.

But I did sew this skirt.
"Painted" Linen Maxi skirt I refashioned from a maxi dress. Very comfy as well.

And I also wore a few others I whipped up. {See other skirts I've made.}

On to my current projects...

I bought some fabric last spring with the intention of making a few skirts.
But as you can see, it's still ready for the making.

Decorative Denim. I love the cherries.

Hawaiian Designed Cotton. Love the dreamy colors and designs. Makes me want to be back in Maui.

And a summer favorite for sure, light blue and white Seersucker cotton. 

This polka dot and flowered material, my mom gave me that day we reminisced through fabrics. I think it's rayon. I want to make a cute top out of the blue and white polka dot (there isn't enough for a skirt), and a skirt out of the blue and white flowered.

The biggest problem I have at this point is deciding which design for which fabric. All my ideas are whirling! Stop the madness!

I happen to like longer, breezy skirts, and found 5 tutorials for Maxi skirts from Sew Chic and Unique, 48 free skirt tutorials on Frugal and Thriving and a panel skirt tutorial on Adithis Amma Sews. The question is, which styles are right for me? I don't want a lot of bulk. I already have enough, thank you!

So the search for the right patterns continue. I don't want to ruin these great fabrics because I jumped the gun and didn't think it through. I don't use patterns, so the risk is a little higher to mess up royally. Luckily, and not so luckily, summer's still a ways off, so I still have time to decide.

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  1. Man I love that reminisce fabric your mom gave you. I've been lookin for that similar look, blue and white polka dot and floral. That would make a darling skirt and top.


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