Friday, March 15, 2013

Ramblings from a sick bed

Sick day sarcasm
One minute your husband's sick and you're feeling a bit guilty for feeling so healthy...and the next? You're the one down for the count!

After 11 long days of plugged ears and sinuses, yesterday the heavens finally parted and my ears unplugged. Hallelujah! And yes, I could literally hear the angels singing.

Going back to work has been tough with the kids at school running circles around me. I'm still at about 1/2 speed. Good thing it's Saturday tomorrow!

  • 2 sunny days in a row. Big deal for Seattle!
  • 4 days of work (yikes!)
  • 2 Sundays at church
  • Hearing
  • Breathing
  • Sleeping
  • Sanity

Steam treatments. Love them!
  • They can clear plugged sinuses in about 15 minutes and are quite relaxing. They didn't unplug my stubborn ears though. Boo!
  • Steam treatments even gave my skin a healthy glow (bonus!). I might make this a weekly ritual!

  • Thanks to our 2nd free Netflix trial, I had a load of baloney good flicks to watch.
  • I'm a little late to join the Downton Abbey obsession, but I'm officially hooked. Unfortunately, I only had season 1. Now I'm #698 on the library waiting list for season 2. Drat!
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Adoption Terror (cuz, why not?)
  • Documentaries on food, veganism, vegetarianism, whole grain plant-based diets, environmentally friendly cleaning. 

The most surprising thing that came out of this sick spell, was what I learned about food and the changes I have stared making. I guess that's what happens when you're trapped in a sick house watching 6 straight hours of Food Documentaries.

My husband and I have decided to turn away from eating animal proteins (i.e. meat, dairy) and turn toward a Whole Grain Plant-Based Diet.

What totally resonated with me, was learning why it's not healthy to eat animal proteins. I've always thought it was just about eating leaner versions of cheese, milk, beef, chicken, & turkey, but what I learned, is that it's the animal protein itself that promotes disease and cancer cell growth in human beings, no matter how fat or lean it is.

Every time I ingest an animal based food, I'm ingesting the animal proteins that make up that food.

It suddenly all made sense to me.

For some, animal proteins may not have the same effects, but for me? From personal family health scares, it seems that my genes don't tolerate animal proteins very well.

You can reverse disease and other effects animal proteins have done to your body, by changing your diet to whole grain plant-based foods. So we're going for it! I have to say, it's great to have my husband totally on the same page with me on this. We've been able to shop together and come up with some interesting recipes to try.

Watch out world as a healthier Shannon emerges! ❀

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