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Get the life you want in the New Year in 4 easy steps

how to figure out what you want in life in the new year
© Shannon Sorensen
I don't know about you, but this time of year gets me feeling weird inside. Just like birthdays. Like clockwork, as the approach of a new year begins, my mind subconsciously starts reflecting on what I have accomplished thus far, and where I want my life to go. And that can be a good thing. But there's also the "what I didn't do's" and "is this really what I want's", and why hasn't my life gone this way" thoughts that get stuck in a whirling vortex, where reflection-meets-mid-life-crisis.

I realized in a calm moment, post-whirl, that this year I'll call it Re-New Year, to embrace the renewals, reflections and changes that are inevitable as the year turns another page, and make it count.

4 Steps to Getting the Life You Want in the New Year

1. Re-evaluate

This is really the biggest starting point to discovering the path for your life in the new year, to re-evaluate what you are currently doing. Ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing making me happy?", "Are the things I'm doing bringing me where I want to go?", "What isn't working and how can I change or get rid of it?",  "What do I really want out of life?"

One of my favorite quotes about finding joy and success is from Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, who said, "You don't want to get to the top of the ladder and find out it's been leaning against the wrong wall."

Re-evaluate what you want and how you currently feel versus how you want to feel. If something isn't bringing you some sort of joy and fulfillment along the way, you may be setting your sights in the wrong direction. Look at the areas of your life that are important to you, like family, marriage, home and work. Take the time to think about what you really want out of each area of your life, whether you're getting the fulfillment and happiness you are seeking, and if your ladder is up against the right wall.

2. Re-organize

This is actually a fun one for me. I don't know whether my intense desire to re-decorate, de-clutter and re-organize is driven by the covers of every published magazine from A-Z, or my extreme lack of sunshine at this time of year (thank you Seattle) that makes me want to throw everything out and redecorate in beachy tones.

Re-organizing is the lead-in to re-newal in so many ways. A fresh start. A clean slate (literally and figuratively). An organized home allows for an organized mind. Change spaces to allow for more efficiency, move things around to give you a fresh view.

But re-organizing isn't just the tangibles. De-cluttering your mind and how you spend your time is a huge part of re-organizing your life. Clean up, clear out and open your inspirational portal.

3. Re-commit

This is #3 for a reason. It's hard to find that place inside your head, heart and soul, to re-commit to things you haven't re-evaluated and gotten straight and "organized" in your mind.  After you've been able to think through what you want for yourself and your family, you can decide what really counts and what you really want to commit to. And mean it.

This step is where many new year's resolutions fall flat. Are we really committing ourselves to something or are we just hoping we'll commit? When you take the time to really commit to the things you care about, you're only one step away from making them happen. (see #4)

4. Re-start

The beauty of a new year, a new age, an anniversary, or other landmark, is that it brings you to the place where change can begin. This is the most empowering step after re-committing to what you want, because it's the time to take action. You can think of change all you want, but actually moving forward on those desires and starting, is an active choice. It can be scary, exciting, risky, empowering or all of the above. It's your chance to re-new your life. To make it what you want it to be. To embrace new challenges or let go of old ones.

This chance to re-start your life, right where you are, is the magic of the New Year. Now go get it.

Shannon Sorensen is the founder and CEO of Fairface Washcloths, the best washcloths for sensitive skin, and writer of several blogs, including


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