Monday, March 21, 2011

How to make a mirror image for your iron on labels

I found out today that I left someone hanging, mid-label making. I'm sorry!
It's like the joke without the punch line.
Or the combination without the last number.

I don't want to leave anyone in a quandary mid-label-making. So here's the rest of the story; the punch line; the last number...

Back in my post on how to create your own labels for your sewing or crafting creations, I mentioned that you can create your label in Word and then flip it as a mirror image, in order to use iron on transfer paper.

The question is, how do you get a mirror image?

If using a photo editing program you can usually find an option to flip or rotate your image and then once rotated, save your new mirror image. From there you can print it *or copy and paste it into a Word document. (*see using a Word document)

If using a Word document, there are a couple of options.
If you created your label in Word with or without adding an image:

Here is a screenshot of my labels in a Word document. I used a table to set up the formatting, inserted a small image on the left, and typed in the text on the right. This is saved as a Word document.

As far as I know, there is no way to flip a Word doc in Word. In order to get a mirror image, you set it as a print option. Every printer is a little different, but this is how mine works:

1. Go to File: Print
2. A print box pops up. Click Properties.
3. Another box pops up. Click Advanced tab.
4. Click the 4th box over with the A's flipped. This is a page setting option.
5. Click the box for Mirror print. You will see The A flip.
6. Once you see the image flip, click OK.
7. The second box closes and you click OK to print. Your images will come out flipped. (*Do a test print on paper before inserting your iron on transfer paper, just to be sure, but it did work correctly for me)

Word Document option 2:

If the label you created is an image (.jpg) and you have simply inserted the image into a Word document, you can flip your image this way:

1. Insert your image into the Word document [Insert: Picture: From file].
2. Select your image
3. Go to the drawing toolbar [if this toolbar is not in view, click view: toolbars: drawing]
4. Click Draw: Rotate or Flip: Flip Horizontal

5. Save your new mirror image
6. Print normally.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. I hope this is clear and helpful! Happy Label Making!

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  1. I remember we were taught by our homeroom teacher to transfer designs by ironing them on our clothes. That's our favorite activity every Christmas. We usually print Santa Claus or Merry Christmas labels. I'm thinking we can startup a small business out of these as a tribute. =)


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