Thursday, November 17, 2011

A cookie riddle

When's a Samoa not a Samoa?
When it's a Coconut Dream.

Thank you Keebler.

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with Girl Scout Samoa Cookies. I anxiously await cookie time each year and commonly enjoy 2, 3, 4 boxes (who am I kidding)?

We ran across these Coconut Dream cookies the other day at the grocery store I had to do a double take. Fake Samoas? They couldn't possibly have the same caramely/coconutty goodness as the Girl Scout cookies do. Or could they?

Of course we grabbed a box. And I'm being honest. We only bought one.

And slap me senseless, they are SO close to the real Samoa's it has to be illegal! I mean really. Isn't it?  {I think I just heard a Girl Scout cry}

The thought that I don't have to wait a year for Samoa Girl Scout cookies anymore is both exciting and terrifying (for my thighs).

This discovery was much too good not to share with my fellow Girl Scout Samoa Cookie fans. You'll have to try a box and see what all this fussing is about!

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  1. Ha! Now if only they would come out with fake thin mints, then my dreams would be fulfilled!

  2. Maury, they do. Keebler calls 'em Grasshopper cookies.

    Shannon ~ you crack me up. Always! Thanks for making me smile. :D


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