Friday, May 4, 2012

Fix a low neckline: t-shirt refashion update

After tumbling head first into a love for sewing a couple years ago, I immediately started "refashioning" pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I loved the thrill (and admittedly, still do) of cutting something up and turning it into something else. Maybe I should have been a plastic surgeon.

This was a t-shirt refashion I did back in 2010. My, how time flies.

I bought 2 of these cute square neck aqua t-shirts (1 to wear and 1 to cut-up) and 1 spool of coordinating satin ribbon.

Still being a sewing newbee at the time, I didn't have the wherewithal to make my own tutorial. I recall cutting ~1" strips of fabric, and using 1" strips of satin ribbon, ruffling them, pinning them to the shirt, and sewing right over the top of the flowers to secure them.

I love how this shirt turned out. Aqua is one of my absolute favorite colors. Truth be told, however, the newly added weight of the flowers dropped the neckline just slightly lower than I'm comfortable wearing. Drat! So it went in my "to-be-fixed" pile.

Flash forward to 2012. As in last weekend. I was rummaging through my piles of "to-be-fixed" & "to-be-refashioned" and was reunited with my BFF. "I have to fix you. You weren't meant to be in a pile of discards."

Enter: extra fabric and a touch of elastic.

I cut a piece of matching neckline, left-over from the extra shirt, threaded a 1" piece of elastic through it, and secured the sides at each inner corner. The extra fabric lifted the neckline, while the elastic helped pull it together so it wouldn't gap, as if it was always meant to be there.

Oh happy day!
NOW she's ready to wear.

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  1. you, my friend, are a genius! i hate when shirts are loose on the top and every time you slightly bend down, you're uncormfortable with what might be flashing. elastic!! genius!!

  2. You are absolutely right...Aqua is YOUR color! I love what you have done to make this shirt prettier and more feminine!


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