Monday, May 21, 2012

Decorated Baby Onesie Bums

A week just isn't complete without making at least one Ink Blot Onesie.
After I drip and splatter the paint, it's like Christmas to open up the fabric and see what appears!

After the original purple "Orbiting Planets" Onesie was made (front design only), I decided to give it a little extra sumpin sumpin.

Who can resist a cute little decorated Onesie Baby Bum?
I certainly can't. And I figured since they make them with ruffles, why not Ink Blots?

It's kind of a two for one!
A fun little ink blot design on the front.

And a little surprise bum blot on the back.
What do you see?

This Onesie (size 18 months) is available here.
{Watch How This Ink Blot Designs was Made}:


But I couldn't stop with just one. So I made another.

This next one I see a Rabbit on the front and a Tiger on the back
...but maybe that's just me.
What do you see?

This 18 month Ink Blot Onesie is available here.
{WATCH to see how it was made}

Have you tried making your own yet? You can always buy yourself an Ink Blot Onesie Kit here. They're more fun that a barrel of monkeys! Or rabbits, or tigers, who knows what you'll come up with?!

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  1. I love them The second one reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle, don't ask me why?


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