Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sew your own Bowl Covers

How to sew your own bowl cover tutorial
The school year hasn't even ended yet and I'm already checking off some of my summer to-do's! How's that for ambitious?

I've been meaning to sew myself a bowl cover for my Kitchen Aid for eons. Every time I looked at that shiny silver bowl on the counter I felt guilty. Must. Do. That. Later.

Lets just say "later" never came, and I got really tired of washing the dust out of the bowl every time I used it.

Making your own bowl covers comes in handy, not only for covering your Kitchen Aid bowl, but they are great for covering all sorts of things - storing food in the fridge, taking a large salad for a potluck and oh, one more - you'll never guess. You can also use it to cover your head.

Yes, this simple bowl cover pattern is basically the same as a shower cap. How's that for a two-for-one?!

Okay, lets get started.

How to Make your own Bowl Covers


Trace around your bowl so you have the circumference. *You will be adding 1-2 inches around your circle for your pattern or you can choose to trace a bigger bowl than the one you're covering.

To sew your own bowl cover, measure around the circumference of the bowl and add 1 to 2 inches


For your cover to fit, you'll need to add 1-2 inches to the diameter of your bowl. *You can either trace a larger bowl than the one you're making the cover for, draw in the extra room to your pattern, or add it when you cut out your fabric.

Make a bowl cover pattern by tracing a bowl and adding 1 to 2 inches extra on your pattern or fabric


Hemming a curve or circle can be a bit tricky. I chose to use my rolled hem foot. Even with this tool it was a bit of a challenge. I found this great tutorial on How to Hem A Curve by adding some gathering stitches. I'll have to try it on my next bowl cover.

How to hem a circle or curve using a rolled foot or gathering method


Instead of creating a band or casing to thread elastic through, I decided to stretch-sew it to the fabric circle.
1st: Measure and cut the elastic to the size you want (how tightly you want the bowl cover to fit). 
2nd: Pin elastic in 4ths around the circle to get it evenly distributed.
3rd: Stretch only the elastic (not the fabric) in front and behind the presser foot, as you sew it in place with a zig zag stitch. 

*The best tip is to stretch and sew little sections as a time to make sure you get the best elastic stretch.

How to stretch stitch elastic to your bowl cover


Just about ready to add it to my bowl. I love the dainty ruffled edge!

Create a ruffled edge to your bowl cover by sewing elastic while stretching


Sigh. Now every time I catch a glimpse at my Kitchen Aid, I smile. My new bowl cover fits perfectly. I can hide away my Kitchen Aid tools and won't have a dusty bowl to wash. Hip hip hooray!

Easy bowl cover tutorial for Kitchen Aid bowls, pot luck dishes or left-overs

Now it's time to sew a few more bowl covers...pot lucks, family dinners...left-overs...and maybe even a shower cap ;)

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  1. I made one too! Thanks for the advice!


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