Monday, August 19, 2013

Fairface Washcloths: Get into Walmart contest

Vote for Fairface Washcloths, the softest washcloths for sensitive skin
{Fairface Washcloths: Get on Walmart's Shelves}
Do any of you watch Shark Tank (or Dragons Den - Canadian version of Shark Tank)? I love both shows.

It's a chance for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to "the sharks", a group of wealthy business people who can opt to invest in small businesses to help them thrive.

I secretly want to be on that show, but don't have nearly the guts it would take to face them. They are called sharks for a reason, you know.

So on to plan B. A less intrusive route to share a great product I've developed, with a large corporation, in hopes of finding it on their shelves.

Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest
~A chance for small business owners to pitch our products to Walmart~
  • Your vote, for Fairface Washcloths through facebook will help give me a chance to get my product in front of Walmart's executives.
  • You can vote once a day, every day through September 2nd.
  • Click the "VOTE FOR US" button below, and it will take you directly to the voting page.

Thank you so much for your votes!! 
I can't do it without you!

{Fairface Washcloths} are my labor of love to all who suffer from sensitive skin. To learn more about Fairface Washcloths, the softest washcloths for Rosacea and overall sensitive skin, visit Fairface Washcloths.

Fairface Washcloths
exclusively from Shannon Sorensen Designs
Rosacea Washcloths the softest washcloths for sensitive skin - help get on Walmart's shelf

Or click here to be directed to the Fairface Washcloths product page for Walmart's contest.


*Available exlusively from Shannon Sorensen Designs


  1. Good luck! I voted for you. And yes, this Canadian watches both shows. Robert and Kevin of Shark Tank are Canadian and are on Dragon's Den. The original show started in England and is still on the air.

    1. Thanks so much Janlynn! You're the best! I didn't know the original show started in England. I love to watch both too and can't wait for the new season to come out!

  2. voted, gf! and i love sharks!! new season starts soon i think!?

    1. Thanks so much Emily! It's a long shot, but if I had a chance at Walmart it would be the coolest. Can't wait for the Sharks to start! Probably Sept??


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