Thursday, August 8, 2013

San Juan Islands: a little piece of heaven: Day 1

We just returned from our one big summer adventure, a trip to the San Juan Islands. Rod had never been there before, and I used to travel there by boat with my family as a kid, and have wanted to go back many times. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

trip to the san juan islands, where they are located
{image: San Juan Islands Map}
The San Juan Islands are an archipelago (chain of islands) in the northwest corner of the US, across from Canada. The major islands include Orcas, Shaw, Lopez and San Juan, although there many smaller islands scattered about.

Our plan was to hop on the ferry from Anacortes, WA and take the 1 hour ride to Friday Harbor. Unfortunately, holiday ferry traffic kicked us in the pants and left us waiting 3 hours to catch the next ferry. We were stuck in the s l o w e s t  line and in the end, it appeared we missed it by 2 cars...oh no you didn't. Oh yes we did.

At least we had a pretty beach right next to the ferry terminal, so we took a bunch of pictures and basked in the sun while we waited.

visit san juan islands quick trip from seattle
{image: San Juan Islands ©ShannonSews}
The ferry ride through the San Juans was absolutely beautiful. I was glad we had lots of time to enjoy the magnificent surroundings... miles of ocean, numerous islands, flying seagulls, tug boats, clouds, mountains, sailboats, crossing ferries...seriously beautiful.

We arrived at Friday Harbor around 6pm, and although most of the day was already spent, we walked down by the docks, up through town, and enjoyed some tasty pulled pork at the BBQ Shack for dinner.

Trip to Friday Harbor located on san juan island
{image: Friday Harbor © ShannonSews}
We ended up staying at the Orca Inn, the most affordable hotel on the island. Every other place available was astronomically expensive. We almost had to camp. (Yikes!) Crisis averted.

With day 1 down, we headed in for the night and began to map out the next day's adventures.
*More to come on day 2!

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  1. dreamy. beautiful. take me there now jeremy!!!

    excited to see more!!!

    1. Seriously beautiful, huh? I hope you and Jeremy get to go there someday. There were a lot of memories there for me from our trips on the boat as kids. So much more to show. I'll be photo overloading! :)

  2. Love the San Juans. I'm so glad B and I had a chance to explore a few summers ago. It was a dream.


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