Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Floral Pillows for a pop of color

Sometimes I think I'm too bland.

I'm the vanilla milkshake. The plain white rice. The buttered toast of the fashion and decorating world.

I'm drawn to simple, subtle tones and designs. You'd never catch me wearing animal print. Even if it looked good on me. Sequins might be as flashy as I go.

But every once in a while I surprise myself. And I go a little bolder than usual. Like with these floral garden pillows.

And guess what? They had a first life. They were high quality kitchen towels from one of my favorite places, Anthropologie. I wasn't convinced it was their ultimate destiny. So I turned them into lovely puffy pillows before they ever set foot in the kitchen.

I love the blue, pink, gray and lavender hues in this pillow.

And I love the greens reds and pinks in this one.
For some reason I think of lettuce every time I see it.

Usually "bulging" isn't a characteristic that's very becoming, but in the case of these pillows, I have to disagree. Overstuffing their 14x14 cases with 16x16 pillow forms made them scrumptiously plump, which is much better than a wimpy pillow, in my opinion.

Throw caution to the wind!
Put jam on your toast. Bring a little color into your life. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. I'm so in love with these two pillows!! You always find te best stuff at anthro. I miss that store-big time!!

  2. Hey Shannon! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! By the way, these are some cute pillows. NOW, throw caution to the wind and paint one, and please send pics!!! XOXO


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