Monday, June 20, 2011

Sheer Skirt Overlays: A tale of 3 skirts: parts 1 & 2

I have been wanting to do this skirt project since February(!) when I bought this polka dot tulle and creamy lace fabric.

I have seen so many cute skirts with sheer overlay that I wanted to make a couple for myself.

The first step was deciding how to make the under-skirt (the skirt underneath the sheer overlay). I decided to be really practical and make one basic white skirt that could go under both. Thrifty!

Part I - Enter: t-shirt-to-skirt-refashion

You won't believe me, but I'll tell you anyway. This XXL white turtleneck was only $4.00, plus 20% off at Kohls. I got it in February on the clearance rack. It screamed "I really need to be a skirt!" And I believed it.

Before I go any further, check out other tutorials for making t-shirt-to-skirt-refashions (I had a few hiccups along the way). These links are mainly for kids' skirts but you'll get the idea: Makeit-loveit - repurposing shirt into skirt; Sewlikemymom - the skirt skirt

Okay, back to my story. I dismantled the turtleneck by cutting the arms off for the waistband and cutting a larger piece from the body for the skirt. Sounds kind of gruesome but it was harmless, I promise.

Since the knit waistband stretches soooo much I cut it much smaller for a snug fit.
Here is the t-shirt waistband before being sewn on to the skirt body.
I cut just under the arm for the skirt.

Pin the waist to the waistband in 4 places (center, back center, sides) and stretch the waistband as you sew and it connects it nice and flat.

(please excuse the wrinkles)

Part II - Enter: polka dot tulle

I cut a piece of tulle that fit around my waist and hips plus about 4 inches and first, created a casing where the elastic would go.

I used a very small needle with the tulle and jersey knit - I think it was a 9.

I cut 5" strips for the ruffles
and ruffled the top edge with my machine on its widest length and tightest tension. I sewed three rows on the bottom of the skirt, leaving the raw edge showing because I liked the look.
I threaded the elastic through the casing

and sealed it in place.
I sewed a double stitch (double needle) down the seam so it would lay flat.

Enter: t-shirt skirt + polka dot tulle

I think the two were definitely made to go together. I love how it turned out.

Whew! Stay tuned for skirt #3!


  1. That is ADORABLE!!!! Oh my gosh, I need to make one of those, thanks for the instructions! Also, thanks for following my blog, that made my day! I'm on to follow yours as well.... :) Have a great day!

  2. Adorable! And your pillows are amazing! LOVE your blog!

  3. i am so in awe of how creative you are!! that your brain tells you these little secrets (turn this xxl turtleneck into a skirt!!) this skirt is BEYOND darling, adorable, stylish, cute, you-name-it!! i want it!! it's that polka dot tulle!! good eye!

  4. wow i just read the lace overlay and now this! you are one super creative lady!!! i'm a fan!

  5. I want to run to the fabric store right now and recreate this for me!!!

  6. LOVE it! Finally know what I'm going to do with some sheer fabric I have.

  7. Please tell me where you found that black and white polks dot tulle. I have been searching for this fabric to make my cage veil for my wedding for at least 2 months now. I hope you will reply. I love, love, love the skirt by way:)

  8. Hi Nathale. I hope you check back to my blog for my reply, as I don't have a way to write you back.

    I got the polka dot tulle at JoAnn Fabrics many months ago. I don't know if they still carry it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I sure hope you can find it!!

  9. Thanks for the easy to understand tutorial for a beginning sewer like me ^^


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