Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sheer Skirt Overlays: A tale of 3 skirts: part 3

Are you ready for part 3 of my tale of three skirts?

As you know from yesterday's post, I finished the white underskirt and black and white polka dot tulle ruffled overlay. Today, I am on to the 3rd skirt. A creamy lace overlay, utilizing the same white underskirt from yesterday.

This really might be one of the easiest skirts I've ever sewn.

I simply took my widest hip measurement, added a few inches, laid the lace folded over evenly (keeping the decorative edge on the bottom), and cut the dimensions I wanted for two panels.

Since the lace was folded over evenly, I just snipped at the fold to reveal two matching pieces for front and back.
At this point I should have sewn one of the sides of the skirt together before sewing over the elastic casing...but I was evidently too immersed in my project to I sewed the elastic casing on first, to each of the two panels.

Have you ever sewn lace on lace? I haven't. It's a little slippery as you can imagine. So what worked for me was to lay the elastic down under the casing and just keep it there while sewing right next to it as a guide (not directly on the elastic).
When I was finished, I simply slipped the elastic back out.
And it worked for me so well that I used it as a form of stability when sewing the two sides of my skirt together (right sides together) this:

And when I was finished with one side of the skirt, I switched it to the other. It worked like a charm. Kept the lace in place, just where I wanted it.

Here is the skirt turned right side out. It's now ready for the elastic.
I threaded the elastic through with my handy dandy extra large safety pin.
And when I had pulled the elastic all the way through, I brought the ends together (wrong sides together).
And after sewing it together, flattened it and used a zig zag stitch to secure.
I slipped it back in the lace and did a little zig zag stitch right over the top of the opening. You can barely even see it. And since I plan on not tucking anything in to this skirt, what you can see doesn't matter.

Flash back to yesterday's t-shirt-to-skirt reconstruction...
This interchangeable skirt will now go underneath this lacy skirt overlay.
one plus the other =

I love how it turned out!
Kind of has an antique feel.

I have two more skirts lined up for this summer but still need to come up with the right designs for the fabric...but for today, I have to make a visit to Remlinger Farms to check on my shop inventory and see if any of my pillows, baby bibs/burp cloth sets, or aprons have sold!

Ciao for now!

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  1. This is a Really great post. I wanted to get a better handle on sewing with lace and now you've given me that!

  2. What a clever idea! Love that the lace is a bit longer.

  3. so beautiful!. you are making this look so easy, yet i'm still soo intimidated. the next time you come to the ranch, can we play around with my sewing machine, and you can teach me the basics? pretty please? i'm dying to make a blouse (tunic style) or a maxi dress!

  4. Wow! Your skirt is fabulous! I love the lace, especially that the overlay is longer than the liner. Beautiful!
    Thanks for you sweet comment and visiting my blog!

  5. That's so pretty! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Your skirt is beautiful!
    BTW I gave you the "One Lovely Blog" award. Check my post to see what that means!

  7. Can't wait to see what else you do! You're welcome to follow along.

  8. Just plain gorgeous!! I especially love the ribbon belt!

  9. This is really dainty and very, very pretty. I love it. I have a question for anyone who can answer. I want to sew my daughter's baptism gown with a lace overlay. She would have a gown underneath and a separate lace gown to go over it. I've never sewn with lace before and I'll be using leftover pieces of fabric from my wedding gown. (After 3 sons this is so exciting for me to sew for a daughter!) My question is Do I use the same measurements for both gowns from the pattern? The pattern does not call for a lace overlay...just something I saw and want to do. Or do I have to make the lace overlay larger than the gown? I'm so confused! I appreciate any help.

    1. Hi Jacquie,

      How neat to sew such a meaningful keepsake for your daughter. I wish I had an answer for your question! Since I put this together without a pattern, I'm not sure if the measurements for both pieces should be the same for your gown. Have you had a chance to ask around? If you found an answer let me know and we can share it with everyone. I can also post your question on a sewing forum and see if some experienced seamstresses can give us some tips!


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