Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspiration to sew by: Anthropologie Music II

Some of you know how I love Anthropologie. I could wander around their stores all day...daydreaming of the possibilities. *Sigh.* The place just does that to me.

Some days while I'm sewing, I find I need a little extra something to keep me going. For those days, I turn to a source of sewing inspiration. The soothing, quirky, inspiring, eclectic sounds of Anthropolgie...and as if by magic, I'm transported to a little quaint sewing room tucked away within the secret back rooms of Anthropologie (if there really is such a place).

Back in September, I shared an Anthropologie playlist I found online. I have since found several more. A special thanks to those who compiled lists for those of us smitten with Anthropologie.

I simply find the songs on youtube and create a playlist.

Get ready, I've got TONS of songs. Lists and lists. Sorry if some are repeats.

In order to spare my blog (and you!) the ridiculously long post this music list created, I have started a page just for Anthro music.

Feel free to browse the list here: Anthropologie Music List

I'll update it as I run across any additions.

{Photo credit: MyFDBlog}

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