Friday, June 22, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes

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I've told you before how much I love the kids I work with
They make me laugh every day or say something that tugs at my heart strings.
I'll miss seeing their cute faces over the summer.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the last few weeks of school.

I came to school wearing an aqua sweater.
A kindergarten girl ran up to me excitedly and exclaimed, "Miss Shannon! I have a crayon that color!"

A kindergarten boy told me I had the same birthday as one of his friends.
Him: "He's 6. How old are you Miss Shannon?"
Me: "41."
He thinks for a minute and says, "I wish you were 6 and he was 41."
Me: "Me too. That would be fun, wouldn't it?"
Him: "Yah. We could be best friends."

A 2nd grade boy asked me to play truth or dare.
Me: "Truth"
Him: Shyly giggles and asks, "Have you ever kissed a boy?"
Me: "Yes"
Him: Giggles with his hands over his face and asks, wide-eyed, "On the lips?!"

hahaha Love those kids!!

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  1. So lovely quotes! Your post really made me smile. Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh boy!! i can't believe a boy had the guts to ask you if you've kissed a boy ON THE LIPS!! too funny.

  3. Love it! I don't miss teaching, but I do miss the kids....

  4. I love the funny things the kids say. My favorite is still the one where they asked if you were a teenager, although the one about you being 6 was pretty funny, too!


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