Monday, September 24, 2012

Low cost {Big Impact} Gift Idea: Memory Book

Great gift idea on a budget to compile thoughts, memories and advice for someone you love My sister celebrated a big number birthday this year - the big 40 - and was feeling a little less than celebratory about it.

Age has a way of creeping up on you and kicking you in the shorts. I knew just how she felt. I'd been there not long ago myself.

What to give her? No little gift would do. Not for this birthday. I wanted to give her something she would treasure. Something that would lift her up. Something that would make her feel the strength of 40 years, instead of feeling worse for wear from them.

No small order, right??

With finances tight, I didn't have a lot of options so I had to think outside the box. But you know what they say? Some of the best gifts are the ones money can't buy, or in my case, just enough money to buy a memory book to store them in.
Write your memories, advice, what you love about a person and put it in a book for them

My goal: to compile a little book of thoughts for my sister from each member of our family. I decided to help guide each response by giving it some structure.

Structure the format with pre-set questions and/or statements to unify the book

I had each person share the top 3 things they love about her
A favorite memory with her or about her
and advice for the next 40 years

Great gift idea if you're on a budget to compile memories and thoughts of someone you love

It may just be that I have the most wonderful family in the world, and yes, I'm a little biased, but their words were so touching and sincere. Who wouldn't want a book about how much people love you? 

♥ I hope this memory book will be something she'll cherish for years to come.
♥ I hope it brings her comfort when she's feeling down.
♥ I hope it lifts her up when she's not feeling good about herself.
♥ I hope it gives her a fresh perspective when she's lost her way.
♥ I hope it reminds her how much she is loved.
♥ I hope it gives her peace in her past and present and hope in her future.

I don't think a flashy new car or dream vacation can give you that. But it can't hurt, can it? hahaha
For now, I hope it's just what she needed to stare 40 straight in the face and laugh. xoxo

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  1. such a sweet gift. you are a wonderful and thoughtful sister. :-)

    1. Ah, you're sweet. I sure appreciate all of you taking the time to write thoughtful messages to her. I hope it's a keepsake she'll always treasure.


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