Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thrifted Desk Makeover: sturdy sewing machine table

Thrifted furniture makeover before and after photosDid you check out my Thrifted Dresser Makeovers last week? Even after all of that, I was so not done painting. My mission this summer was to get all the painting done before I headed back to my school-year job, and by golly, I'd get it done if it killed me!

This desk, like my dressers, also has sentimental value. I grew up with this desk. When we moved into our new house in 2nd grade, my dad bought it at an unfinished furniture store. I remember sitting in the garage watching him transform it with bright white paint and sunny yellow nobs. Ah, the memories.

All it needed was a little TLC after all these years. So I hammered the baseboard back in place and got me some pretty paint.

Look for discounted paint for thrifted dressers in Home Depot's Oops Paint SectionI seriously lucked out when I found this Tiffany blue paint for only .50 cents in Home Depot's "Oops" Paint section! Since I didn't have enough for the whole desk, I used blue for the drawers and antique white for the rest (like the dressers).

*Be sure to refer back to the supplies you might need in the painted dressers post before you get started with your own thrifted furniture makeover.

Another quick tip? If you're removing hardware and setting it aside while you paint, make sure to screw your nuts and bolts together on the original knob. Saves time and you won't misplace any of them.

Painting tip: Keep screws, bolts and nuts together when removing hardware


It turns out, this old desk works perfectly as a sewing machine table. Lucky for me, this old style craftsmanship is solid wood, and as sturdy as can be. No wobbles, which is especially important when that old sewing machine motor cranks. Plus it has deep drawers for additional storage. (A crafty girl can't have too much storage!)

Lets have one last look, shall we?
I did, after all, ache like I'd just done yoga for hours after I was finished. Painting requires more squatting muscles than I knew existed. Obviously somebody's out of shape!

Thrifted dresser makeover before photo

Use sturdy thrift furniture for sewing table

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