Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pin images from the web to Pinterest

How to add a pin it button from Pinterest to your computer
I'll admit it, I didn't jump on the Pinterest bandwagon right away. I wasn't even sure how to pronounce it (pine-terest? pint-erest). What did this even mean?

But once I did join the throngs of people pinning fashion, recipes, crafts and diy projects, I was hooked.

It occurred to me, the day after Pinterest Nutella cookies saved the potluck, that some people may not know how to pin things they see online to their Pinterest boards.

It's easy enough to look through Pinterest boards and "repin" something, but what if you're looking through new arrivals on Anthropologie and see something you'll be the 1st to pin? Let me show you. It's incredibly simple.

How to pin images from the web on your desktop computer to your Pinterest boards:

▶First, go to Pinterest and add a "Pin It" button right to your bookmarks bar.

Install a Pinterest button to your bookmarks bar to pin images from the web

▶Once you've installed your Pin It button, it will appear on your bookmarks bar.

Use a pin it button right from your computer's bookmarks bar

▶Stay logged into Pinterest as you surf the net

How to pin images to Pinterest from any website

▶When you find something you like, click the Pin It button from your bookmarks bar

Instantly save images from the web with a Pinterest Pin It button on your computer

▶Pinterest will swoop in and gather all the images on the page. Click on the image you want to Pin.

Pin images to Pinterest by clicking on the Pin It button

▶Next thing you know, up pops your Pinterest boards. Choose the board you want to save it to and click Pin It.

That's all there is to it!

Save images from the web directly to your Pinterest Boards by installing a Pin It button to your computer

*To add a "Pin It" button to your iphone, ipad and Android, you're cooler than me, so click here

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