Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cotton Duck 101: Chevron Pillow Cases

Throw pillows in chevron print, made from cotton duck fabric
{Image: Cotton Duck Chevron Pillows: Chartreuse/White}
I've been a sewing maniac lately! So many new things in my shop, & a few snapped up so quickly, the fabric had barely left the sewing machine. I'm on fire people!

The tricky thing about making decorative pillow cases for other people, is that I secretly want all of them for myself.

As you know, Chevron Prints, in all their bold colors, are really popular right now and can update & bring life to any room in the house.

I decided to make a couple sets for my shop, out of screen printed cotton duck fabric, and yes, I fell in love with them immediately.

Chevron Pillow Cases ~ Chartreuse & White
18" x 18" 
Envelope Back
100% Screen Printed Cotton Duck

Cotton Duck Fabric: Chevron throw pillows, from shannon sorensen designs
{Image: Decorative Pillows- Chevron Chartreuse & White}

Chevron Pillow Cases ~ Black & White
20" x 20" 
Zipper Closure
100% Screen Printed Cotton Duck
Medium Weight Black 100% Cotton Back
What is cotton duck fabric? Chevron throw pillows made from canvas
{Decorative Pillows: Chevron Black & White}

I love these bold colors!!

I've found colorful chevron prints in light-weight cotton, twill and cotton duck. Light-weight cotton would work for bedroom throw pillows, but twill and cotton duck are a more durable, heavier-weight fabric, perfect for couch pillows or throw pillows for family room chairs.  I considered twill, but the colors were a little muted, so when I ran across this bold screen printed cotton duck, I knew I'd found exactly what I was looking for!

So what is 100% Cotton Duck Fabric?

Cotton Duck is a strong, durable fabric, resistant to tearing and snagging, and is often better known by its more common name, Canvas (doesn't sound nearly as fancy, does it?). Not all cotton duck is created equal, however, since it comes in a variety of weights. The cotton duck that I used for my chevron pillow covers, was medium weight (~6.5 oz); great for curtains, accent pillows, bed skirts, slipcovers, upholstery, purses & totes.

At its heaviest weight, you've probably seen cotton duck and didn't even know it - on tennis shoes, hammocks, cots, tents or sandbags. Now that's some durability!

Where does Duck Fabric Come From?

Duck fabric comes from the Dutch word, "doek", meaning “linen canvas.” In order to distinguish it from traditional duck (linen), its termed "cotton duck".

Duck Fabric + Duct Tape 

You know our old friend, Duct Tape? It's related to Duck Fabric. What? Who knew? Some people even call duct tape, duck tape, but don't do it around me. hahahaha Turns out, the original duct tape was made from duck fabric, with an added adhesive.

Now you have a little conversation starter for the dinner table!


  1. Beautiful !!! In both colors !

  2. Great fabric lesson. (You're such a great writer, Shannon)

    1. Ah, thanks Emily! You are always so encouraging! :)


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