Friday, December 30, 2011

Ruffled Pillow for Christmas

Last year for Christmas, I gave my mom the coolest fringe purse ever. People are still complimenting her on it.

This year, as I contemplated what to give my mom, I realized I may never find another something that topped "The Fringe".

And since she's too important to give just any old thing, I decided to make her something extra special. Something lovely and beautiful like she is. And it had to be perfect. No pressure, right?

She had mentioned a while back that she wanted a 14" x 28" pillow to put on one of the beds. I'd never made a long pillow before, but decided now was the time to try. And you know how they say never serve your guests a meal you've never tried before? Yah, well, I ignored that and blew caution to the wind.

And I've got to say, my rolled hems have never been straighter. There were no stitches to unpick. And no swearing in the closet. I don't know whether it was the bump on the head or a Christmas miracle, but this ruffled pillow turned out just as lovely as I hoped it would. With lots and lots of love sewn in.

The trick to perfectly precise rolled hems? Along with using a hemmer foot, a taut hold on the fabric and a little guidance? Slow and steady wins the race my friends. I'll admit, I'm usually a hare, but for rolled hems? A tortoise I will be. More details to come in a new "using a hemmer foot" post. 

Only a few days left of 2011. 
I think I'm ready for a new year, hope you are too!

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  1. It is so totally beautiful Shannon- (and perfect too!!!) I need to figure out all those handy foot attachments. Love love love this pillow.

  2. It is beautiful! I'm sure your mom loved this pillow and felt all the love sewn in!


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