Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stop your ruler from slipping while cutting fabric: Great Sewing Tip!

how to stop your acrylic ruler from sliding when cutting fabric
{Cutting fabric straight© ShannonSorensen}
I can't be the only one this happens to: Trying to cut fabric using an acrylic ruler, while carefully spider walking my fingers across the ruler to keep it straight, while cutting with my rotary cutter in the other hand...only to have the acrylic ruler slowly begin to slide out of place so the edge is anything but straight. Aaaaakkk!

How do I cut a straight fabric edge?
How do I keep the ruler from slipping 
while cutting fabric?

 Stop an acrylic ruler from sliding while cutting fabric

...and it all begins with a shower tool. 

By attaching a Bathroom Grip Bar (shower handle) with detachable suction cups, to your acrylic ruler, it evenly distributes the weight across the ruler and holds it in place. It's like you have two hands down on the ruler and a 3rd to cut. Go team! I wish I'd found this a long time ago. It's like magic.

how to cut fabric straight without ruler slipping
{Stop your acrylic ruler from slipping while cutting fabric © ShannonSorensen}
how to cut fabric straight without ruler slipping
{Perfect straight edge for cutting fabric: acrylic ruler + shower handle © ShannonSorensen}

Here's a short video demo showing just how effective this new fabric cutting tool can be.
No more slipping = straight edges! Hooray! And it only cost me about $5.00 with a coupon at Harbor Freight. Even better!
Happy cutting 

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  1. Amazing what we can find in a hardware store for our sewing/quilting needs. This sells for $19.95 on Nancy's Notions under the name Gypsy Gripper. Same concept.

    1. Isn't it nice to find a much cheaper DIY version of something?! Gives me goosebumps! :)


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