Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Sew a Maxi Skirt for Summer

sewing tutorial maxi skirt jersey knit waistband
I first pulled out this cute striped jersey knit fabric about a year ago, when I made my striped summer t-shirt. I still love it and continue to get compliments on it!

I've been itching to sew my own maxi skirt out of the rest of the fabric and I finally got up the courage to do it! It's so funny that after all the projects I've made successfully, I still get nervous that I'll ruin it.

How to Sew a Maxi Skirt

Making your own maxi skirt might just be one of the easiest skirts you can make, especially if you make it with a knit or yoga waistband or elastic. No zipper or darts, as with my straight skirt, although another straight skirt is on my list!

Step 1: Take your measurements: Length & Waist & Hips around widest point (including backside). From those measurements, decide how flowy or clingy you want your skirt and add extra inches to the width of your fabric to compensate for seam allowance + extra fabric. You will cut a separate waistband. Note that your waistband will be stretched to fit snug.

Step 2: Cut out your fabric. I opted for 2 side seams instead of one in the back for my skirt & a 6 inch waistband (12 inches folded over to 6).
sew a maxi skirt with knit fabric and knit waistband

Step 3: Pin, pin, pin! Jersey knit can roll and stretch.
Step 4: Sew your seams. Using a ballpoint needle (to prevent making holes in your fabric) zig-zag stitch up the sides of your skirt and across the 2 short sides of your waistband folded over. A zig-zag stitch allows your jersey knit fabric to move & stretch with you instead of putting pressure on a straight seam.
sewing a jersey knit maxi skirt for summer, tips for sewing with jersey knit

Step 5: Attach your waistband. Mark the back and front middle, along with each side of the skirt and waistband with pins. Line up the points and pin at those points, right sides together. You will have excess fabric from the body. Stretch the waistband and body fabric together as you stitch and it will all come together. (Sorry no photo!) It's a bit of a tug-of-war with the sewing machine, but just be patient. I stretched the fabric while pulling lightly from the back, to ease it through.
how to add a knit waistband to maxi skirt

Step 6: Secure wasitband and tag the back. To keep the waistband sitting flat, from the inside, fold the waistband hem up against the waistband and zig-zag stitch. I finished it off with by stitching a small piece of white jersey on the back inside of the skirt so I can tell which side is which.
how to tell which is the front and back jersey knit maxi skirt

And then you're done! You can hem the bottom if you want to, but I liked the look of it unhemmed. Plus, I was tired and wanted to be finished already! Ha!
how to sew a summer maxi skirt tutorial simple comfy cute

sew a long skirt flowy for summer, jersey knit

I have a feeling this blue and white striped maxi skirt is going to get a lot of wear this summer!

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