Monday, September 20, 2010

Necklace with bow t-shirt

I have seen a lot of necklace t-shirts lately. The ones with a necklace or necklace-with-bow connected to the t-shirt. So I decided to try and make myself one.

Sorry I don't have a before photo - I'm always so excited to get going that I forget to take them!

I strung my own beads on stretchy cord and tied each end off with a necklace attachment. I sewed the permanent necklace clasps to the back inside neckline of the shirt (so it won't sag and will allow the necklace to be removed for laundering).

I tied the brown bow on the side to bring the outfit together. It will go with a brown knit skirt I'm working on at the moment. Once I finish the skirt I'll show you the two together.

I like it because the necklace is light weight enough that it doesn't pull on the back of the t-shirt and it gives this tee a splash of coordinating color (that will go with the skirt) and a little touch of femininity.

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