Monday, September 20, 2010

Sequin embellished t-shirt refashion

Sequins are in. And I love a little sparkle. So when I found a sequin scarf and black t-shirt on clearance at Kohl's, I knew the two were meant to be together.

The scarf is made of black t-shirt knit with single columns of black sequins

By simply cutting the scarf to the length of the t-shirt and sewing the edges down the middle of the shirt, the sequin black tee was born.

I've gotten so many compliments on it. And that makes me happy.

Here are a couple pictures lightened so you can see it a little better (but it really is dark black).

Sewing with sequins is on my mind now...if only Kohl's had a bunch of clearance scarves left...

I'm finding that sequins on mesh are hard to find unless you special order them. I've seen sequins with elastic and sequins on a strand of thread, but nothing like the scarf. Oh well, I guess it makes mine a real original. :)

Here is another sequin shirt refashion. Same scarf, different idea!

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  1. the scarf is BRILLIANT!! i remember seeing you wear that shirt thinking, wow she must have spent FOREVER hand sewing each sequin meticulously - b/c all the sequins were so perfectly placed. hahaha jokes on me!

  2. I love it! Very cute and so easy! Cute and easy in the same that's a winner. I'll have to be on the lookout for a sequined scarf from now on...

  3. hi,are you the Shannon that supplies the sequins that are used by fans to make the ruby slippers? I read about you and would like to order some for repairs to a pair that I have that were supposedly given by judy to danny la rue in the 60s as a present. Danny la rue was a huge star in the uk and had his own nightclub at that time and judy often visited and sometimes with liza too.Danny had a big show at londons palace theatre in the early seventies and I worked on it,On discovering that I was a huge fan of judy and of oz he gave me the shoes,They have mostly been in storage all these email is I live here in London and by the way Danny was a drag artiste,but a phenomenally big star,thanks steven.


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