Sunday, September 12, 2010

Refashion: Dress to skirt

I bought two dresses on the Old Navy clearance rack (of course) with the intention of turning them into skirts.

Project Dress-to-Skirt #1:
From this rather drab bathrobe looking dress:

To this cheery ruffled skirt - perfect for wearing to church on the 4th of July...which I did.

From this lime colored tank-dress with a pre-ruffled edge...
To this cute lime-o-licious flower-embellished skirt. Even cute enough to wear out the next evening...which I did.
I used close to 98% of the original. After cutting it up, I used the ruffled straps for the flowers and had just a couple small scraps to spare. By the way, the waist band is elastic.

It was fun for summer and will be fun again when spring arrives!

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