Friday, December 2, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

Did this feel like an incredibly long week to anyone else?? This is so me and my husband right now. Major couch potatoes.

Glad it's Saturday tomorrow. I need a bit of a breather.


Always a funny story or two to tell hanging out with the kiddies at school.

This weeks funnies:

While doing a baking activity with the kids, I was asking one of the 2nd graders if she baked at home with her mom. A little while later she looked up at me and asked, "Ms. Shannon, do you bake at home with Mr. Shannon?"   I couldn't help but laugh. Mr. Shannon? I guess the whole Ms/Miss/first name/last name thing can be tricky at that age.

I asked a 2nd grader to run something over to one of our substitutes, "Miss Pearl", so off he ran. A few minutes later Miss Pearl came over to me and said he had run up to her and said, "Miss Squirrel? Ms. Shannon told me to bring this to you."
Her: "Miss Squirrel?"
Him: "Yes."
Her: "My name is Miss Pearl."
Him: "Yah, that's what I said."
Funny thing is, she said it's happened a few times with other kids. I guess they figure, why couldn't her name be Miss Squirrel?

While playing in the play kitchen area/turned vet's office where kitties were having baby kittens (go figure), I turned to one of the 1st grade boys and asked him if he would be the Dr. I then handed him a small plastic ketchup bottle and asked him to give the patient a shot with it. He looked up at me with a confused look and asked in his adorable little lispy voice, "with the thauthe?"   ...I guess he wasn't tuning in to my inner-child.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. So cute!! Ms. Squirrel, Mr. Shannon! I loved the first graders I taught as a student teacher before I got married. My maiden name is "Shell" and everyone kept calling me "Michelle...."

  2. so cute. i love her hearing the stories of your kids. You bring out the sweet in those kids, i'm sure. Because you are so sweet and nice.


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