Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vanilla Hot Chocolate: not just a Starbucks delicacy

My mom and I have a guilty pleasure.
Starbucks Hot Chocolate.

We love to go to "The Bucks" (that's what she calls it and now I'm copying her), get our fave's (she loves the peppermint and I love the regular) and we grab a cozy seat by the fireplace, cup our steamy chocolate, and talk and laugh the way best friends do.

But with all the fuss over Starbucks, did you know you can make your own Hot Chocolate Delicacy?? I kid you not.

The thing I learned about Starbucks' hot chocolate, is that they use vanilla syrup. I'm crazy about vanilla, so I decided to try a little hot chocolate magic of my own and see how it turned out.

Enter Vanilla Syrup.

Just get your favorite hot chocolate mix and a bottle of Vanilla syrup (*not vanilla extract - much too bitter). I've often found the syrups in the coffee section of most grocery stores.

I like to mix my hot chocolate with hot milk (for a creamier taste), but you can also use water with most mixes; and add a Tbsp or two of the Vanilla syrup. Start out small and add to meet your taste.

And what's a cup of hot cocoa without marshmallows?? You've gotta have some marshmallows. And while you're getting all fancy, you might as well drink it in your favorite fancy mug (it really does taste better in a fancy mug).

Hope you love it like I do! It sure sweetens the sting of that cold December air.

*Makes a great gift basket idea too!  Here's my address: (hahaha) J/K
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  1. we made a fancy pot of hot chocolate the other night when we were craving a little treat. i followed the recipe on the cocoa powder carton- it wAS DIVINE!! a MUST try!! but i think it would be EVEN better with that magic vanilla syrup of yours...

  2. i just had some hot cocoa myself! i added peppermint marshmallows and peppermint coffee mate. SO GOOD!! I will have to try this with vanilla syrup!! yum!


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