Friday, December 16, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

{image credit: Time-LIFE: kids watching a puppet show 1963}

This week's featured funnies:

{What is Out of the Mouth Of Babes, you ask?}
Funny experiences and quotes from the kids I work with, in my "off-sewing time", while working for a district after-school program. Gotta love those kids!

2nd grade girl with a crush (yes, she's always in the top 3)
her: I need to talk to you about you-know-who (the crush in her class)
me: What's going on?
her: I have 3 words for you: Weird, Cute, Annoying. In that order.


2nd grade boy
He plops himself down next to me.
him: It's the hair, isn't it?
me: What?
him: I look like that guy, you know, the one everyone likes?
me: Uh, Tom Cruise? (Good one. He probably doesn't even know who Tom Cruise is)
him: No, Justin Beaver. Don't you know my hair cut looks just like Justin Beaver?

Do you know how many kids call him Justin Beaver? Cracks me up every time. Sorry Beebs.


A parent came in to pick up their child and realized he had a lunch sack that wasn't his.
me: (look inside bag and respond to parent) I know who's sack that is. Their mom always makes them homemade buns (that's what the kids call them. Buns).
[Do I stop there? No. Why, when it can get so much better??]
me: Yep, those kids sure like their buns.
{Awkward pause} {Take it back! Can't take it back.} {co-worker giggles} {father pretends to ignore it but, please.}
me: (trying to pull myself out of the massive hole I had just dug for myself) Yah, their mother makes these lovely rolls. She's quite a baker. She makes really delicious bread (don't say buns, don't say buns, don't say buns).

Good save Ms. Shannon. Yah, right.


Best sound of the week?  A group of 60 children giggling like crazy all at once. Cue: talking ponies and grown men slipping on banana peels.

Ah, those were the days.

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