Friday, July 13, 2012

Sheer Scarf Overlay + Tank Top Refashion

Ever since I ran across this top made from simply sewing 2 scarves together, I have been on a mission to find two complimentary square scarves, worthy of sewing my own top.

Unfortunately, I'm having a heck of a time finding two scarves that are a) in good condition, and b) a good match. In fact, several thrift stores didn't even have any old square scarves (as seen below: Catherine Deneuve in the 1960′s). This project is meant to be thrifty, so I don't want to buy new ones.

In the interim, I ran across a sheer orange scarf in a thrift shop and thought of the orange tank top I never about a sheer overlay tank rop refashion? Perfect, since I was itching to refashion something with scarves.

Okay, here I go. Be forewarned, this may or may not be the easiest way to do this. I like to fly by the seat of my pants. 

First I cut open the tank top right along the seams.
Make sure you have an extra large fitting tank top because after you sew the sheer scarf overlay on the front, it will be quite a bit smaller around.

*The colors in these photos changed based on lighting, but they are the same orange tank.

I layed the sheer scarf down in half and cut a piece a little larger than the front piece of the tank top.

After cutting, I hemmed the two long raw edged sides, since I wanted the sheer piece to hang lower than the bottom hemline of the tank top. 

I layed the sheer scarf over the top of the front side of the tank top and pinned it down

After sewing the sheer to the tank top, I turned them right-side-out

Now the sheer scarf is sewn to the front piece of the tank top.

As you can see, the new skinnier shoulder strap is much more narrow than the back. I did a little tweaking, since I would be wearing this tank with a sweater over it anyway, by folding the other edges in slightly and sewing it down on the side before sewing the strap on.

The 3rd picture (upper right) is the strap sewn on, but I'm not done with it.

To cover those unsightly straps, I cut and sewed a couple pieces of remaining scarf material together to create tubes to wrap around the straps. The 3rd picture (bottom right) shows a little tack stitch to hold the wrapped tube in place. It covered the strap trouble spot perfectly.

And there it is.

I showed my husband and said I would be wearing it with...(he interjected, Birkenstocks?). I laughed and said, "I was going to say a sweater. Birkenstocks??" He said he's never seen me wear something with "these types of colors". They seem more "tree hugger-hippy" than what I normally wear.

So it's settled. I'll probably never wear it. But at least I figured out how to make it. hahahaha :)

Maybe next time.

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  1. Shannon this is really impressive !! Smart idea and the scarf is very cute!

  2. I love it and I would definitely wear it and I haven't worn birkenstocks a day in my flip flops are a whole different story! ;)

    1. Thanks Kelli! I'm with your on the flip flops! :)

  3. This is adorable! I love the idea.

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much Helen! Maybe I'll try to do it again with a scarf my husband finds less tree-hugging-ish. hahaha

    2. Lol aww...I thought this one was cute and I don't think it looks tree-hugger-ish at all!

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  4. Cute, but why not just make a tank top out of the fabric and wear it over the original top?


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