Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A week with the boys

Last week we put our super hero capes on (a.k.a. fun aunt and uncle) and headed to my sister's place to take care of her 4 boys for several days while they were out of town.


They are wonderful kids and we had a lot of fun.

Luckily, we had nice weather so the boys had lots of fun outside. These awesome water guns were a real hit!

And have you seen this AMAZING self-tying-water-balloon gadget? 

Holy mackerel! I've needed one of these since I was 5 years old! It worked like magic. Seriously. Tied every balloon in a snap. Easy enough for the youngest to do himself! Huge time-saver and finger-saver.

On what turned out to be one of the hottest days, we were lucky enough to join my mom for a quick splash in the lake and dunk in the pool at the Beach Club. Always beautiful views.

{image: Beach Club}

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to some self-serve frozen yogurt with all the best toppings. I could easily become addicted.

The rest of the time? 

Serious games of hide-and-seek
These kids think of the most creative hiding places.

Skateboarding at the park (them, not me. Obviously.)

And a night of these. Who doesn't love a night with movies and pizza?

Time to put our super capes away, until next time.
Thanks for a fun week boys!

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  1. perfect seattle summer days. i miss it! i wish i could just snap my fingers and have a visit there vs driving 12+ hours each way... if only.. right?


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