Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colorful Baby Onesies

My Ink blot Baby Onesies have been so popular, I decided to put a few more in the shop. Instead of the black designs like I did more recently, I decided to do layered color. Aren't they cheerful?

uniquely designed baby onesies make great gifts

This one reminds me of Cherries. I like the combination of deep pink and Indian turquoise.

Wearable Art Baby Clothing

The swirls of this one reminds me of the pumpkin vines as they magically swirled to become Cinderella's carriage. I think the lavender and Indian turquoise compliment each other. Soft and sweet.

Hand painted Onesie by designer

I can't help but immediately see a court jester in this one. Or the face of a clown? Whatever it is, this deep pink and lamp black design makes me think "happy".

Onesie for baby shower gift

This one is tricky. I see either frogs or colorful caterpillars. The ocean blue and lamp black make a nice combination.

Gift for new mother painted Onesie in blue and black

It's funny how a design can jump right out at you. At first this light and dark purple design reminded me of little purple pansies. But all-at-once I saw the face of a smiling teddy bear. Do you see it too? Now that's all I see when I look at it - no more pansies.

handmade baby gift designer onesie

Each of these "abstract art" painted Onesies are now in my shop. The feedback I've received is that they make really fun and unique baby gifts. Hope they make someone (or someone's baby!) happy too. ♥

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  1. So very cute (and creative) onesies! Maybe you can make one in baby pink+apple green :-)


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