Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to lengthen an elastic belt

make elastic belt longer

I hate bulky belts.
You know, cute belts with chunky buckles that make your shirt stick out?
Like I need to add anything to my waist, thank you very much.

I found these two sparkly elastic interlocking belts in Kohl's clearance and instantly fell flat in love. No bulky buckle. I didn't know they even made these belts anymore.
alter belt to fit better

Back in elementary school like a hundred years ago? 
Rainbow interlocking belts were all the rage. Sigh.♥ 
(Love that this little etsy shop is bringin' it back for the kids!) 

interlocking closure

They've even got interlocking belt closures at Bloomingdale's. I'm not totally off the fashion deep end.
stylish interlocking belt
Anywho, where was I?

The only trick to these clearance rack belts? They were a little too small for me. But for $1.99 each? I'd make them fit me. (and I don't mean by squeezing myself into a major muffin top)

Out with the seam ripper.
Luckily the back seam was really accessible, so I just ripped a spot open.

sewing alterations to elastic belt

Ooh - Sparkly Pink inside! Who knew?
Sew extra elastic to belt

Snip the elastic belt in half

cut belt elastic in half

Cut a piece of elastic (same width is best), long enough to extend the belt to your liking and sew it together.

sew extra elastic piece

I like to sew zig zags back and forth across to secure the elastic, but that's just me.
stitch elastic pieces

Feed the newly lengthened piece of belt elastic back in the belt casing.

Feed in sewn elastic

Like this:

Finish stitching closed

Hand stitch it closed. Believe me, I checked to see if I could to squoosh it under the presser foot just right, but no go. Out with the needle and thread.
Needle and thread close

See how nice and flat it lays??!! Just what I wanted. Pssst - that's my new painted Key Tee that I'll be sharing with you Monday.

flat belt closure

And now I have an easy comfort belt. No bulk. Just. Like. That.

easy belt to use

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    1. Hi Myric! Cool name! Thanks for inviting me to your link party. I'm always looking for new places to share. I'll hop on over!


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