Monday, February 18, 2013

Ink Blot Baby Clothing: unique onesies for squeezy babies

Buy unique baby gift: ink blot onesies from Shannon Sorensen Designs
I love this little boy.
That face!
Those eyes!
Those rolls!

My darling nephew Drake is sporting his own personal, one-of-a-kind Ink Blot Onesie, made just for him. 

His mom picked out the fabric paint color. My hands swirled out the design.

And it just so happened, the design came out like a motorcycle riding dude. Looks like this little boy may love to ride motorcycles like his daddy. 

*See how the "biker dude" was made

Spring is on the horizon, and soon mommies everywhere will be pulling out there little short-sleeved onesies.

Who can resist a chubby baby in a cute little onesie? Sigh. 

Personal baby gift ideas from Shannon Sorensen Designs

Personal, unique baby gifts: decorated ink blot onesies

Looking for a unique baby shower gift?

Ink Blot Onesies make the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom. You can choose from pre-made one-of-a-kind designs or request to have it personally made just for you by choosing your own paint colors. Irresistibly cute for your baby or someone else's baby with deliciously nommy thighs.

Buy baby onesies with pre-made ink blot designs or choose your own colors

Ink Blot Onesie Design Kits are also a really fun baby shower activity. After the party is over, she'll have loads to choose from!

I was so spoiled this weekend. Drake came to visit. He's the sweetest little guy ever! Auntie loves you!xo

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  1. Yay!! Love that onesie on him. He sure loves his Aunt Shan!!!

    1. He really is the cutest little model ever!! I sure love him too! Thanks for taking such cute pictures of him!


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