Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep Bookends from Sliding: simple fix

how to stop bookends from sliding In honor of tackling my new year's resolutions head-on, I decided it's time to jump on all those,"I've been meaning to fix that"  projects and get to it!

If I had a quarter for every time this cheap metal bookend slid. Yes, I'd be dining with Donald Trump.

Do you have sliding bookends of your own that need a little help doing their job?

How to fix slipping bookends


  • Bookend (obviously) ;)
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Rubber Shelf Liner
  • Scissors


Lay the rubber shelf liner over the bottom of the bookend, trace it and cut it out or just cut as you hold it.

prevent bookends from sliding by adhering a piece of rubber shelf liner

In a well-ventilated area, spray the bottom of the bookend with adhesive spray, and with a steady hand, put the piece of cut rubber shelf liner in place. It will stay put, so one try is all you get!
stop bookends from slipping with rubber shelf liner

Since it dries in seconds, your new and improved NON-sliding bookend is ready to use! It work perfectly! It snuggled right up next to my files and didn't budge. Perfect! Problem solved.

Easy fix to stop sliding bookends.

I love being able to check something off my list that takes such little time. And so little effort. ha!

On to my next project!
Look out 2013! I'm on a roll!

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  1. Should have read this sooner ... I promoted the offending object to the bin ;)

    1. I almost threw mine out too until I eyed my rubber shelf liner and suddenly saw the two together! I know they make bookends with rubber bottoms, but I found this one at a thrift shop for 25 cents!

  2. Great idea! My shelves are so crammed full, there's no need for bookends. LOL

    1. hahahaha I know what you mean. This is one of my least full shelves. :)

  3. Great tip! I would love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at 'Or so she says ...' Hope to see you there!

    1. Thanks Mariel! I appreciate the invite. I'll be checking out your site!

  4. that's a great tip, so annoying when they fall

    1. Thanks! It was finally annoying for the last time. :)

  5. What a great tip. I can't wait to try this myself. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Smart idea! I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out!
    Melanie Reasons To Skip The Housework

  7. I found you from Sugar Bee Crafts! I'm your newest follower via GFC. I host Fluster Creative Muster Party on Wednesdays and I would love it if you would come by and party with us. Hope to see you there!

    Hugs, Smiles, and Blessings,

    Fluster Buster

    1. Thanks so much Robin! I'll check out your fun party!

  8. Love this idea! Thanks for the tip! ~tina


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