Monday, February 4, 2013

Rockin' the ukulele and other new year resolutions

goal to grow my etsy business

Every December I make goals for the coming year. Often times, however, as the last minutes of the old year tick by, I rush into making promises I'll never keep or end up with a hurried list of half-hearted commitments.

This time around, I decided to be thoughtful about my decisions and really think about what I want to accomplish in 2013. And so, better late than never, here are a few things from my list for 2013. Under each heading, I'll be able to make weekly or monthly goals....or put them all off until December.

ONE  ~   :: Grow my Etsy Business ::

I love my little etsy shop. It's something I put my heart into. During life's ups and downs this past year, it seems I lost my vision. My creative spark dimmed a bit. But this is the time to get it back. 
♥ Focus my business
♥ Create new items
♥ Study trends, branding, marketing
♥ Streamline taxes and record keeping system
♥ Organize shipping process and supplies
♥ Take chances
♥ Stay true to myself

TWO  ~   :: Bring more of Myself to my Blog ::

I get so caught up in the "rules" of blogging (blog relevant material; make each post count; follow seo rules;  blah, blah, blah) that sometimes I forget why I stared blogging in the first place. I love connecting with and learning from other people who share similar interests. Why not go deeper? It may help someone else in the process.
♥ Share more day to day
♥ Share experiences about job loss, struggles with infertility, and other personal stories
♥ Continue sharing fun crafting and sewing projects

THREE  ~   :: Get Organized ::

For the most part, I'm an organized person. I like containers. I like labels. I fold my matching socks together.
But I've heard it said, your home's order/chaos is a reflection of how you feel. Amid changes in my husband's career, I feel myself leaning to chaos. I'm letting things slip. I forgot to buy more toilet paper. I'm eating everything and a bag of chips. It's time to refocus, stay on top of things and maintain order.
♥ Get caught up on projects (couponing, bill paying, organizing, sewing, email)
♥ Plan weekly meals and shopping trips
♥ Create a "place" for everything & put everything in its place (think Kindergarten)
♥ Get rid of excess (go through storage/cupboards/closets)

FOUR  ~   :: Learn to play the Ukulele ::

Why not throw in a fun one?! Isn't there just something so relaxing and carefree about ukulele music? Takes me back to Maui. Best summer of my life. I want to bring some of that island spirit to Seattle. I learned to play the guitar many years ago, and with even fewer strings, I'm hoping this old dog can learn new tricks!

FIVE  ~   :: Take better care of myself ::
Of course I'm not going to make a new year's resolution to lose weight. Been there. Done that.
Exhibit A - 1990 "diet" - drinking slim fast while simultaneously downing monster-sized Costco poppy seed muffins. Lose weight? Not so much. It makes so much more sense to me just to make better choices. Or so I tell myself.
♥ Take vitamin D daily (we need it here in Seattle, believe me)
♥ Take multi-vitamin
♥ Move more
♥ Try to go to bed earlier
♥ Make better food choices

Wish me luck! I better get started. Now I only have 11 months to get it all done!

▶▶Did you make any goals for the new year? How's it going for you so far?

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  1. Blimey, what a resolute list of resolutions ... puts me to shame ... dare I say it: I had one suggested to me .. how many resolutions did I make ... not a single one ... shame on me. Wish you luck with yours!!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Mecki! Maybe by posting them for all to see I'll get them done. Either that, or it will be a shameful December. ha!

    2. I know what it would be in my case lol !

  2. Good luck with your Etsy shop. My best friend and I once had a shop together, but she passed away in May of 2011, and I didn't have the heart to continue. But I buy from Etsy a LOT. :)

    About bringing more of yourself to the blog...DO IT. I'm an author, and a lot of authors only blog about writing related stuff. Not me. I blog about whatever is on my mind. And it seems people like to see more of you than just what you DO. So blog about what's on your mind.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Lauralynn. It makes me feel better about sharing more personal things. I'll be checking out your blog. I'm always looking for new and interesting reads.

      Sorry to hear about your friend passing away. I can see why it would be hard to continue without her. It's nice that you buy from etsy though. We all appreciate those of you who buy handmade! :)

    2. That's an interesting comment, Lauralynn. Seems the jury is out on this point, some say, DO blog about yourself as well as your hobby/job or whatever, for others it's a total nono. I personally agree that it's nice to let people see the person behind the blog-front ...

  3. Hey girl- just wanted o pop in And say your goals are inspiring. I've not even thought about resolutions - but now I am and I'm writing them down.

    You are so funny and I think your fun personality definitely shines thru on your blog. And I agree with comment above, I like reading more personal things on blogs, bc it makes me feel more connected like friends vs a business relationship.

    I'm excited to see what new products you come up with in the etsy shop. Your ruffle pillows are gorgeous.

    1. Hi Emily! You are so sweet. I've been thinking a lot about you lately and hope you're hanging in there with all you're going through! I'm working on a little something for Henry as we speak!


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