Monday, February 25, 2013

Paper Roses: the easy way!

make easy paper roses diyI meant to post this around Valentine's Day, but since it's still February, it counts. Technically. Right?

For Valentine's Day, instead of spending money on a rose for my husband, I made him one out of rosey red paper. Because frankly, I knew he would appreciate the gesture, but let's be real {insert cartoon thought bubble}"Thanks, but you could have just saved the $6. It's going to die anyway". Am I right ladies?

In our going on 8 years of marriage, I've realized he gets a thrill out of a gift even more when I tell him how much I saved on it. hahaha We're both cheap frugal that way.

This pretty paper rose was so easy to make, I may never spend another $6 on a single rose again. (I think I just heard every man across the globe cheer)

I used red & pink accent cardstock for the bloom, and a wooden chop stick wrapped in green cardstock for the stem.

For my first paper rose, I think it turned out just lovely.

diy paper roses easy tutorial

Interested in making your own lovely little paper rose? 

They aren't just for Valentine's Day you know.

I found this pretty lamp shade decorated with paper roses from Better Homes and Gardens. Oh so pretty.

decorate with paper roses
{image from BHG}

Here's an ideal tutorial for making paper roses, from Paper & Stitch, with perfect step-by-steps and how to's.

Oh, the possibilities!

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