Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Youtube famous & other funny things kids say

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The kids at school in our after-school program make me laugh every day, but lately have been even funnier than usual. Sometimes I wish I had a secret recording device on so I could remember every silly thing they say. But alas, my memory will have to suffice.

Youtube Famous

A few days ago one of the kids was telling me she made videos and posted them on youtube. I told her I did too. So of course, the kids were dying to see one of my videos.

I pulled up the one where I used Crayola Markers to make DIY watercolor paints. I don't show my face in the video, but it shows my hands as I paint the card. One of them noticed the ring I was wearing in the video, and then grabbed my hand and screamed when she recognized it was the same ring. They jumped up and down yelling, "Oh my gosh! You're Youtube famous!"


Two of my favorite 3rd grade girls talk a lot about popularity. They even dreamed up a popularity rating scale, called CCP, which stands for Cool, Cute and Popular.

A few days ago, one of the girls told me her friends call her the Popularity Scientist because she knows the tricks of helping people move up their ranking. For example, she said about herself and her friend, "In kindergarten we were both CCP, but last year they thought we were nerds, now she's a 3 and I'm a 6."

Me: You both are cool and cute so I don't understand why you think you're a 3 and a 6.
Her: No offense, but adults always say that.
Me: In 3rd grade I don't remember worrying about things like that.
Her: Well, this is modern 3rd grade and you were in 3rd grade...well...
Me: It wasn't that long ago!
Her: [Giggles] Well, I know but...

Me: What makes people popular?
Her: Playing tetherball
Her: Oh, and I got these shoes so I would be more popular [shows me her new shoes].
Me: Do they help you to be popluar?
Her: Totes
Her: You know what that means, right? Totes? Totally?

Meanwhile, a bunch of the kids were running through the field flying a kite.
Me: Don't you want to join them?
Her: No, that's not the way to get popular.

We could seriously have had an all-day conversation about popularity, but I guess since I'm "so old" I don't get it. J


3rd grade boy: How many kids do we have today?
Me: Well, right now we have 51.
Him: Was I the 51th?

Mrs. Sorensen

1st grade boy: Ms Shannon, are you spoken for?
Me: Yes, I'm married.
Him: Then why do we call you Ms Shannon?
Me: Because that's my first name. If you called me by my last name, I would be Mrs. Sorensen.
Him: Oh. I don't like that.

I seriously love these kids! They crack me up every day. I'm so lucky to work with such great kids. They keep each day much more interesting, for sure!

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