Friday, May 31, 2013

Add Belt Loops to Pants Tutorial

Tutorial: add belt loops to pants
Several weeks ago, when the warm sun made an appearance in Seattle, I reached for my capris, excited to put them on again after a long winter sabbatical.

As I clasped the front blue button, all at once I had flashbacks of previous summers, hiking them up every 5 seconds as they shimmied down my hips. Blasted hip huggers. I'm not one for peekaboo undies, thank you very much.

I needed to keep these capris nice and snug above the underwear line, without having to constantly keep pulling them up. Easy solution? Add simple belt loops to these pants to keep them right where they should be. It worked perfectly! No peekaboo's. We're all grateful for that.

How to Add Belt Loops to Pants

make your own belt loops using existing belt loops as a guide
STEP 1: Cut your belt loops. There are generally 5 belt loops on pants. Two in the front and 3 in the back. Decide how wide and long you want your belt loops. Look at an existing pair of pants if you need help with sizing. Make sure your belt loops are long enough to fit your favorite belt. I cut 5 pieces of jean fabric 3-1/4" long x 2" wide.

STEP 2: Fold your fabric in 3rds

STEP 3: Iron or pin your belt loop fabric. Now you're ready to sew.

Add belt loops to pants by making your own with fabric

STEP 4: Choose your style and stitch. I decided to zig-zag stitch directly over the center of the belt loop to secure the raw edges and give it a unique finish. You can also choose to secure the edges with a zig-zag stitch, fold the edges in, and finish the outside with straight stitches on either side (as is shown above on the pair of jeans).

Sew your own belt loops to add to pants

STEP 5: Attach the base of the 1st belt loop to the center back of the pants. Put the edge of the belt loop at the base of the waistband and stitch in place. My machine doesn't take bulk very well, so I zig-zagged the loop on the underside instead of top stitching it (as is seen in step 6).

Add belt loops to pants by sewing loop to the base of the waistband

STEP 6: Secure the top of the belt loop. Fold the raw edge under, flush with the top of the waistband, and stitch to secure. I top-stitched with a zig-zag, but you can also use a straight stitch.

Fold under and sew remaining edge of belt loop to top of waistband

STEP 7: Decide placement of your remaining belt loops and mark. Look at a pair of your favorite pants with existing belt loops to help with placement. Generally there are two belt loops in the front - mid way between your hip and fly; and three in the back - one centered and two mid-way between center and hip on either side. I measured and marked with pins.

How many belt loops are on pants? Usually 5. Measure and mark where you'll sew your loops.

STEP 8: Sew on the remaining belt loops. Re-read the instructions above if needed for adding your additional belt loops.

Tutorial on how to add belt loops to pants is complete. Finished DIY belt loops.

It worked perfectly! Now my pants stay up without having to constantly yank them up to my chin (wouldn't that be a sight). I used light-weight jean fabric I had on hand which didn't totally match the dark wash capris, but since I'm not a shirt-tucker, my belt loops won't ever show.

Side note: I only got to wear these capris 1 day after adding my new belt loops because the weather here in Seattle turned a bit more like fall, than spring. Boo. I'm willing the sun to come back so I can take these capris back out of hybernation!

Job Update:

Some of you know this has been a really rough week with all that's happening with my job. I still have no answers. I haven't heard back from the program manager about my request to meet with him, so I still don't know if the next two weeks will be the last with my sweet kiddos. It's such a punch in the stomach. It's hard to keep off my mind. If I were independently wealthy I would stay right where I am, even if I didn't have a paycheck. But alas, that's not the case.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me through twitter, facebook, email, blog, etc. and sent me your happy wishes. It means a lot.

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  1. Excellent top. Yanking the pants to under the chin will instantly turn to a full gown XD


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