Monday, December 13, 2010

Anthropologie weekend

Have you ever shopped the Anthropologie sale section? If you're an Anthro addict like I am, I'm guessing you have.

There's a special kind of rush to finding an amazing deal on an item from Anthropologie. Even if it's just a plate, bar of soap, or note pad. And it's completely addicting. I have to admit, as soon as I leave their store I'm wondering how soon is too soon to go back? Scary, I know.

These are this past Saturday's Anthropology sale finds:

A colorful seat cushion for my sewing room chair. How can you not receive creative inspiration when perched on a seat cushion from Anthropolgie? I mean, come on.

This is the other side:

and it even attaches with these colorful ties
It's new home.

How cute are these polka dot hot pads?
*they had a matching apron I had my eye on but literally as I was walking in the door, from across the room, I saw someone pick it up. And in the blink of an eye it was gone. Saturday Anthro sale shoppers are very quick. Note to self: even if you're not sure you want it, hold it until you decide.

And these beautifully hand screened, cotton towels.
I actually have other project ideas for these since they are dry clean only...who uses dry clean only hand towels?? They won't be towels for long.

I just loved the designs

And my final find, a tablecloth from $78.00 down to $14.98. But I didn't see it as a tablecloth. I saw it as an apron, a table runner, pillow covers,...after all, it is just a giant piece of fabric and who doesn't want something made out of Anthropologie fabric?! Remember what I did with that other tablecloth?

Well, I guess that wasn't really the last thing, since I bought my first Anthropologie shirt online when I got home. They didn't have my size in the store but they still had it online at the sale price. I'd had my eye on it since it first came out and was eventually going to try to make it myself. Lucky me!


  1. I KNOW - I just LOVE breezing through Anthro stores..the displays are amazing!! What fabulous ideas they inspire! I was just in earlier this week and bought a lonely aqua milk cup for $4 buckaroos but I'm loving drinking my milk now!

  2. Want all of your anthropology finds especially the mits and table clothe. If I go tmrw will all the good stuff already be gone? Which store has bigger sale section?

  3. You are even more inventive than DESNA, DAD


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