Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby bibs and burp cloths: make your own

I love to browse the endless rows of snuggle flannel, showcasing such a variety of patterns and colors. I scouted out some of my favorites and made a few baby bibs with coordinating burp cloths for family and friends.

For girls

For the most recent set, I used coordinating snuggle flannel on the front and coordinating terry cloth on the back. Plus a little satin ribbon accent and velcro closure.

This bib pattern was based on Homemade by Jill's bib tutorial (w/ free bib template) and think it's for babies up to 6 months or so. *Please note, these patterns are only for personal use. I use my own pattern for selling bibs in my shop.

For the burp cloth, I just matched the size of a cloth diaper.

I love the modern flair of the patterns and colors.

About 9 months ago, in addition to making a smaller bib from Jill's pattern, I made this medium sized bib for my sis-in-law (sorry for the poor photos). I found this tutorial (w/ free bib pattern template) on Happy Things. Instead of using a terry cloth back for this one, I made it reversible, using another snuggle flannel material, satin ribbon and ricrac accent.

I added two coordinating burp cloths to her set. These burp cloths were based on a burp cloth tutorial by SewSheSews, using Gerber cloth diapers and snuggle flannel. She stated from experience that this was the perfect combination due to the super absorbency and softness.

In a nutshell, you sew flannel right onto the diaper, turn it right side out and top stitch. For stability, stitch to horizontal lines down the front (dividing it into 3rds). Absorbent, soft and pretty.

My only question about these burp cloths, is whether they are too bulky and thick? I know no one needs to add more bulk to an already overflowing diaper bag. I need a mother's opinion...

This little pink number was just a little bonus bib. I had just begun ruffling everything in sight and wanted to make something pretty. And although it's cute and girly, it's pretty small and is make out of jersey material, so not very absorbent. Maybe it will just be a keepsake.

And we can't forget little baby boys. Lately, in my circle, it seems they've been outnumbered ...although my sister is due to find out the gender of her baby within a month or so...maybe I won't store the baby blue just yet.

Thank you to Homemade by Jill, Happy Things, and SewSheSews for sharing their tutorials and templates!


  1. SEW CUTE! I couldn't resist writing that :D I love all the coordinating colors and the fact they are absorbent AND soft. Babies faces will be wiped by the bibs, so soft is important.

    Shannon, you are by far the favorite Aunt in the whole clan, I'm sure!

  2. THESE are my favorite bibs. They are pretty AND functional with the terry cloth on the back. i like to keep it in my diaper bag, so when i'm out and about i have something cute to put on her, rather than the nasty stained carrot bibs lying around the kitchen.

    you need to start an etsy shop. your bibs are gorgeous!


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