Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Minky's aren't just for babies

Every time I walk by soft fabric that is used for baby blankets, I have to stop and take a touch. They are so soft. I'm always tempted to buy a yard or two just to have some for myself. But I never buy any because #1 it's expensive, and #2 I don't have any babies so it seems ridiculous.

However, several weeks ago as I was browsing the 50% off remnant bin at JoAnn's, lo and behold, there was some milky cream Minky Dot Chenille. My favorite. I had to touch it. And then I had to have it, justifying that all things soft and cuddly aren't just for babies and it was way cheaper than usual, being a random piece off the end of a bolt.

But I didn't stop there. I had to feel other minky remnants and walked away with another piece just as soft and creamy as the chenille.

The silky cream colored satin fabric I found a few weeks before went perfectly on the back.

Blanket #1 minky dot chenille

Blanket #2 minky diamond

And although they are odd sizes (due to being remnants), and the mitered corners are a little less than perfect (these being my first blankets and all), they are dreamy, soft and snuggly.

Who says the snuggly stuff is just for babies?


  1. It's funny you mention that, cuz I cuddle with pearce's soft blankie. I didn't realize until recently that fabric is so expensive! I would like a King size please! :)

    Your blankets are gorgeous!

  2. Nope, not just for babies! Pair these up with your super soft socks, a good book, and you are set!


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