Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Washcloths for sensitive skin: Fairface Washcloths™: soft & gentle

If you have sensitive skin like I do, regular washcloths can feel too harsh. Even washing with them as gently as I can, my face always ends up more red and irritated than it started. Ugh.

So what's my solution? A few years ago I started making my own soft washcloths out of the softest materials I could find. And you know what? It's made all the difference in the world! My face has never felt or looked better. No more redness and irritation. Move over scratchy old washcloths, now there's something much, much softer!

Fairface Washcloths the softest, most gentle way to wash sensitive skin

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And since they changed my life in such a profound way, I couldn't keep the secret all to myself. I now make them for the world to enjoy! 

Attention all sensitive skin: don't be afraid to wash your face anymore! 

With the softest combination of face-friendly cloths, Fairface Washcloths™ provides you with the softest, most gentle facecloth, for a gentle cleansing, free from additional redness and irritation. Trust me, you'll wish you'd found them years ago! 

The {Original Fairface Washcloths'™} flannel side is amazingly soft and the terry cloth side is gentle, with just enough scrub. There is also a new option {Fairface Washcloths™ ~ Delicate} that is even softer(!), gentle enough for even the most fragile, delicate skin.


Check out our Fairface Washcloths Blog for additional information
Available for purchase through our Fairface Washcloths Shop

rosacea skin care softest cloths for washing face reduce redness
Fairface Washcloths™ | An Exclusive Product of Shannon Sorensen Designs


  1. Why should babies have all the luxury? Good for you to make these for yourself...cute!

  2. Nice tutorial, Shannon! I'm loving your blog - you really have some good ideas posted here!

    Thanks for visiting and welcome back anytime.
    :) Meredith

  3. I never even thought of making some for myself-duh! I'm totally doing that! We must have the same taste, I think I have every single one of the fabrics you used in my own stash. :)

  4. If I could sew I would make these! I don't use wash cloths because they are so rough on my face!


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