Monday, April 16, 2012

Country Baby Pillow

My 2-year-old niece, Pearce, is our family's country baby. My brother and his wife moved to my parent's property in eastern WA, while he finished his master's degree, when Pearce was just about 6 months old.

And by country baby, I mean country baby. 
We're talking fields of sweet grass, gardens of corn,
rustic country house and fresh cut firewood,
jeeps and tractors,
and even barns

The ranch is a special place for our family, and these were special times to have them there.

It was with mixed emotions that they left this lovely country oasis and moved on after school was over. It was during their time at "the ranch" that little Pearce learned to walk, celebrated her 1st birthday, began to talk, and discovered her world.

So when Pearce turned 2, I decided to give her a little reminder of that special place she called home for a time. When I ran across this soft, flannel fabric from the John Deere collection, I knew it had to be her pillow.

Grandpa's tractor, the ranch house, wooden fences, and barns. This fabric seemed to portray the sweetness of country living.

I hope it will remind her of those special days spent at the ranch.
They sure were memorable for us.

*Of course, a little one's pillow case should be removable for easy washing, so I finished this with a zipper. I always use this zippered pillow case tutorial, because it's the best and easiest I've found.

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  1. Some days, I would love to escape to the country! Your pillow is a sweet reminder!

  2. this was such a sweet blog post!! and you made me home sick with those pictures. like you said we have such wonderful memories living there. it is sooo beautiful. and will always be special. we love the cute country pillow!!! you are so thoughtful. it will always remind us of our great time there, and we have LOTS of pictures to show pearce in the future to remind her. and i like even better that you hand delivered it!! so we could see and hang out with you too!!!

    ps i'm glad you included the link to the zipper tutorial - b/c i need it! im still trying to find the right fabrics to make some pillows for the living/family/tv room. ;-)

  3. (From Jeremy) Shezy! That post was seriously sooooo sweet. It brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for my, I mean Pearce's pillow! ;) It was WONDERFUL to see you!


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