Friday, April 6, 2012

Sugar Fest

You have no idea how long this Cadbury Caramel Egg and I have been having a stare-off. It's only a matter of time. I just found out a few days ago that they come with caramel.  After the couple weeks I've had, I deserve it.

My husband and I have gone through rounds of the flu that's going around. Bronchitis with fever. Sounds heavenly right? Oh, it was. I got it first and then gave it to him. In a moment of flu-induced-humor, I said, "Don't ever say I've never given you anything." At least one of us thought it was funny.

And just when I thought we were in the clear, my little 11-month-old-niece ended up in the hospital with a severe infection. Poor little peanut, all wired up like a baby in a cage in those awful metal hospital cribs. Broke my heart.

The good news is

  • I just found out my niece is returning home. I'm so thankful.
  • Spring Break officially started after I walked off the school campus tonight.
  • I have my own stash of Easter candy. And I'm going to eat all of it. Eventually, or all at once. I haven't decided yet.

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you enjoy your weekend. Save a little candy for yourself! You deserve it!

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1 comment:

  1. i thought i commented?!?! i was in moab in the RV - but was having trouble with those silly word verification things on my phone. ugh.

    i'm pretty sure i said something like, i'm soooo relieved scarlett is okay. geesh, i was really worried. i started getting really down and thinking every negative thing posible. man, i'm such a downer! i need to be more optimistic. in general. btw, how is she doing now? has there been more improvements? i'll text jenny...

    and YIPPEEE for spring break!! bring on the road trip!!!! see you soon!!


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